Johnson Controls Temperature Sensors, NS Network Sensors Series

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Item Number NS-ATB7F03-0
Mfg Item Number NS-ATB7F03-0
Series NS Network Sensors
$ 154.50
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ns-atb7f03-0 Part Image

*Stock Image Disclaimer

ns-atb7f03-0 Part Image

*Stock IMAGE Disclaimer


Johnson Controls

Temperature Sensors, NS Network Sensors Series

Item# NS-ATB7F03-0 - Network Sensor; Lcd

NS Network Sensors Series Information
  • BACnet® Master‑Slave/Token‑Passing (MS/TP) Protocol Communication — Provides Compatibility with Metasys System Field Controllers and Facility Explorer Programmable Controllers in a Proven Communication Network
  • Backlit LCD Available on Some Models — Provides Real‑Time Status of the Environment with Backlighting Activated During User Interaction
  • Simple Temperature Setpoint Adjustment Available on Some Models — Enables You to Change the Setpoint with the Turn of a Dial
  • Onboard PIR Occupancy Sensor Available on Some Models — Maximizes up to 30% Energy Savings in High‑Energy Usage Environments, and Facilitates Trending of Floor Space Usage
  • Temporary Occupancy Available on Some Models — Provides a Timed Override Command, Which Temporarily Initiates an Alternate Mode
  • Field Selectable Default Display Setting on Some Models — Allows You to Toggle between Temperature and RH on the Display, and Set the Desired Default for Continuous Viewing
  • Fahrenheit/Celsius (F/C) Button Available on Some Models — Toggles the Display Temperature between Degrees Celsius and Degrees Fahrenheit
The NS Series Network Sensor offering includes NS Series Network Zone Sensors and NS Series Network Discharge Air Sensors. The NS Series Network Sensors are designed to function directly with Metasys® system Field Equipment Controllers (FECs), Input/Output Modules (IOMs), VAV Modular Assembly (VMA16) Controllers, and Facility Explorer FX‑PC Series Programmable Controllers (FX‑PCGs, FX‑PCVs, and FX‑PCXs).

The majority of NS Series Network Zone Sensors monitor room temperature; however, options are available to also monitor zone humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), local temperature setpoint adjustments, and other variables. This data is transmitted to a controller on the Sensor Actuator (SA) Bus.

Some models of NS Series Network Zone Sensors include an onboard passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor that detects motion to determine if a space is occupied. This feature maximizes up to 30% energy savings in high‑energy usage environments such as schools, dormitories, offices, hospitals, and hotels by adjusting the temperature of the space based on the occupancy status. In addition, the PIR occupancy sensor facilitates trending of floor space usage in these environments.

The NS Series Network Zone Sensors include models with a temperature setpoint dial and LCD that allows occupants to view the zone temperature, Relative Humidity (RH), and view and adjust the zone temperature setpoint. Some temperature and humidity models include a push button to toggle between temperature and RH on the display. These models also have the capability to set the desired default display to either temperature or RH.

A fan mode push button is included to set the desired fan speed (AUTO‑OFF‑low‑medium‑high). An occupancy override function allows the user to signal to the controller that the zone is occupied to override the scheduled mode. Some models have DIP switches to set a unique address for applications that require multiple sensors.

For communication wiring flexibility, the wires connecting the network zone sensor to a controller can be terminated using a modular jack or screw terminals. Note: Mixing of phone jack and screw terminal devices on the same SA bus segment must be avoided.

Each network sensor includes an SA Bus access port to allow accessories to access the SA Bus. This plug allows accessories to service or commission the connected controller or gain access to any other controller on the same Field Controller (FC) Bus.

The NS Series Network Zone Sensor offering includes models that can be surface mounted, vertical wallbox mounted, or flush mounted to meet the requirements of the specific application. Some NS Series Sensor models are designed to assist with the California Energy Code (Title 24). Select models offer stylish black enclosures to suit specific architectural and interior design needs.

The NS Series Network Discharge Air Sensors monitor the duct temperature, typically at the discharge of the VAV box, and transmit this data to a local controller on the SA Bus using the 10 ft (305 cm) wiring lead included with the unit. The 10 ft (305 cm) wiring lead consists of four 22 AWG (0.6 mm) trade size color‑coded wires encased in a plenum‑rated jacket. Each of the wires is stripped and tinned for easy connection to the SA Bus screw terminal block.

The NS Series Network Discharge Air Sensors are available with either a 4‑ or 8‑in. (102 or 203 mm) temperature probe. All models include DIP switches for applications requiring multiple discharge air sensors, each with a unique DIP switch address


Item Number:  
Johnson Controls
Item Category:
HVAC Sensors
Temperature Sensors
NS Network Sensors
1 kOhm Platinum RTD;BACnet
Set Point:
Temperature Range (F):
32 to 104 Degrees F
Fault Code Capabilities
H x W x D:
3.45 in x 3.45 in x 1.4 in
  Net Weight:
3.04 oz
  Gross Weight:
5.6 oz


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