Johnson Controls Water-Regulating Valves, V43 Series

v43bt-7c Part Image
Item Number V43BT-7C
Mfg Item Number V43BT-7C
Series V43
$ 8,672.52
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v43bt-7c Part Image
v43bt-7c Part Image


Johnson Controls

Water-Regulating Valves, V43 Series

Item# V43BT-7C - Pres Actuated Water Valve; 140/260 Psi 5 Bu Open 180 +/-2#; Style 5 Bul3013; Mtg. Brkt. N

V43 Series Information
  • Built‑in Pilot Valve Allows More Precise Throttling
  • Easy Adjustment Allows Service and Adjustment without Breaking Line Connections
  • Drain Plug Allows Water to Be Drained during Shutdown to Reduce the Possibility of Freeze‑up
  • Mesh Monel Screen Protects Pilot Valve from Items Such as Dirt and Scale and Is Easily Removed for Cleaning and Servicing without Breaking Any Line Connections
The V43/V243 Pressure Actuated Water Regulating Valves are designed to regulate water flow through the condenser of large refrigerated cooling systems. These pilot‑operated valves open on an increase in refrigerant head pressure and provide modulating operation. The V43/V243 water regulating valves are available for commercial and maritime applications. V43 valves are available for non‑corrosive low‑ and medium‑pressure refrigerants such as R‑134A, R‑404A, R‑502, and R‑507. Specially designed V43 valves are also available for ammonia service (R‑717). V243 valves are available for non‑corrosive high‑pressure refrigerants such as R410A. Commercial V43/V243 valves are constructed with a cast iron body, brass internal parts, and bronze seat material. To resist the corrosive action of sea water, the V43/V243 maritime and navy models are constructed with a red brass body, bronze and monel interior parts, and monel seat material.


Item Number:  
Johnson Controls
Item Category:
HVAC Valves
Water-Regulating Valves
Pipe Size:
2.5 Inches
Body Style:
Min. Opening Point:
140 psi
Factory Setpoint Opening:
180 psi
Max. Opening Point:
260 psi
Non-Corrosive Refrigerants
Body Material:
Internal Material:
Inlet and Outlet:
Flange - ASME
Pressure Connection:
1/4 in Flare
H x W x D:
1 in x 1 in x .9 in
  Net Weight:
65 lb
  Gross Weight:
75 lb


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