Shimpo Instruments Stroboscopes, DT-326 Series

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Item Number DT-326
Mfg Item Number DT-326
Series DT-326
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dt-326 Part Image

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dt-326 Part Image

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Shimpo Instruments

Stroboscopes, DT-326 Series

Item# DT-326 - Handheld battery powered Stroboscope LED

DT-326 Series Information
  • Input/Output Interface Input Sensor Triggers or Output Synchronization Controls
  • Line or Battery Power Operation AC Adapter for Continuous Use or (4 X AA Batteries) for Maximum Portability
  • Phase Shift Advance or Retard Flash Timing for Viewing Gear Teeth, Cutting Surfaces, Repeats Or "Drifting" Images
  • Wide Flash Range 60 ‑ 120,000 Flashes/Min. (1‑2000Hz) Can Be Adjusted to Meet Almost Any High‑Speed Application
  • Ratio Control (Flash Pulse Duration) Adjustable Flash Pulse Duration Achieves Sharper Images for Critical Inspection
The DT‑326's Unique LED Array Provides an Accurate, Stable Strobe Light. The Innovative LED Design Allows for a Longer Flash Life ‑ 5 Times Longer Than Traditional Xenon Flashtubes! The DT‑326 Is Designed for Speed (RPM) and Frequency (Hz) Measurements in Motion and Vibration Analysis. It Is Ideal for Predictive and Preventive Maintenance Applications Such As: Motors, Shafts, Roto‑Gravure Printing, Extruders, Blow Molding, Wire Lettering and Striping, Engraving, Pulse Jets, Water Jets, Fans, Cams, Gear Teeth, Belt Inspections, Audio/Speakers, Fuel Injectors, Vibration Analysis and Cutting Blade Timing and Sharpness. With Its Intuitive "ONE HAND" Controls, Vast Adjustable Flash Rate, Superior Brightness, Focus Control, Silent Operation, AC/DC Power Flexibility, the DT‑326 LED Stroboscope Provides a Superior Value in a Compact, Ergonomic Package.


Item Number:  
Shimpo Instruments
Item Category:
Accuracy (Plus or Minus):
0.02 Percent
0.1 FPM: 60~12000 FPM;1 FPM: 12001~120000
Flash Range:
60~120000 FPM
Display Type:
Flash Duration:
0.1~2.5 Degrees
Operating Temperature:
32 to 95 Degrees F
H x W x D:
8.66 in x 2.76 in x 2.36 in
  Net Weight:
1 lb 2 oz


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