Westcode Semiconductors Phase Control SCRs, N Series

n1467nc260 Part Image

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Item Number N1467NC260
Mfg Item Number N1467NC260
Series N
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n1467nc260 Part Image

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n1467nc260 Part Image

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Westcode Semiconductors

Phase Control SCRs, N Series

Item# N1467NC260 - SCR,TO-200AD,2600V,1467A

N Series Information
  • Lowest Thermal Resistance for Package Size
  • Industry Standard, Fully Hermetic Packages
  • Maximum Current Rating for Package Size
  • High Average Current Ratings
  • Assortment of Stud Types

IXYS UK provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of standard phase control thyristors in the industry. Devices with voltage ranges from 400V to 6500V are available, making them suitable for applications with line voltages from 230V to over 1000V. IXYS is a leading supplier of phase control products into demanding markets such as industrial DC drives, controlled rectifiers, marine/rail propulsion systems, wind power converters, electrochemical power supplies and soft starters. These devices are optimized to give low conduction losses and are primarily intended for applications with line frequencies up to 400 Hz.


Item Number:  
Westcode Semiconductors
Item Category:
Phase Control
Vrrm (volts):
2,600 Volts
Vdrm (volts):
2,600 Volts
Itsm Amps:
21,500 Amps
Vtm (volts):
1 Volts
tq (microseconds):
100 MicroSeconds
Junction Temp.:
257 Degrees F
H x W x D:
1.06 in x 1.06 in x 7.66 in
  Net Weight:
4.5856 OZ
  Gross Weight:
4.5856 OZ


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