Tech Tip

Dramatically Improve Productivity:  A Word About Power Quality
by Jim Lawson, Galco Industrial Electronics

Deregulation, Power Quality, Harmonics, Power Factor, are all terms that have become more common in the last 2 decades, because of the new non-linear technologies that have become accepted for their working efficiency.
Variable Frequency Drives, Switching Power Supplies, Computer technology are examples of these non-linear loads that have:  

1.)  Made productivity gains unsurpassed by previous innovations; and,  

2.)  Made power quality concerns surface because of the way these loads use current.

Putting it all together can be confusing, but when designing or applying power quality solutions, you will be well rewarded through improved productivity, improved MTBF's, and improved overall system reliability.  If you have concerns about Power Quality, Galco is only a phone call away.  Let our PQ Specialists assist you by providing information, products and services to address your concerns!

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