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Did you know that whenever you install or replace a power semiconductor, you must also apply heat sink compound?

We recommend using Tech Spray 1978-DP for all isolated base encapsulated modules. Examples of this would be bridge rectifiers, IGBT modules, transistor modules, solid state relays, power modules, and et ceteras. Any isolated base device that is being mounted to a metal surface for heat dissipation needs 1978-DP from Tech Spray.

We also recommend using Burndy Penetrox PENA13-4 for all non-isolated modules and stud mounted power semiconductors such as diodes, SCRs, triacs, transistors, and et ceteras. Any device that has an electrically conductive connection point that is being mounted to a metal surface for heat dissipation needs PENA13-4. No ifs, ands or buts.

Using the right compound will help prolong the life of the device. Without compound the device will develop hot spots within itself and cause premature failure. Compare this to running a car engine without oil, and guess what will happen!

Make sure you order compound the next time you place an order for a semiconductor device.

On a related note:  To facilitate the installation and removal of stud mounted devices and clamps for disc type devices, we recommend using Bostik Never-Seez NSBT-4 compound on the threads. Never-Seez is an anti-seizing compound that coats the threads with a proprietary lubricant. It protects the threads from dirt, contamination and from temperature fluctuation and the stresses of torque from tightening. Highly recommended!

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