Tech Tip


Component Testing routinely requires various test equipment and test methods. Accuracy, results and interpretations from these tests will vary with test equipment and the experience level of the technician performing the tests.

The Huntron Tracker,, is a useful troubleshooting instrument, but as with any other test instrument, it has limitations. The Huntron Tracker provides dynamic testing of components with a visual signature, indicating a pass, fail or degraded condition. Although this unit provides dynamic testing capabilities it is limited to low current and low voltages. The Huntron Tracker 1000 has selectable voltage ranges. These ranges limit the voltage and current available for testing.

Range Vp Vrms mArms
High 60 42.43 0.6
Medium   20 14.14 0.6
Low 10 7.07 135

These values make it an ideal instrument for testing small discrete components and integrated circuits that operate within these available parameters.

The visual pass, fail or degraded signature is an efficient way to determine the quality of components. However, it requires the technician to compare the visual signature of the component under test with the signature of a known good component. Over time the technician can become proficient enough that he may memorize the visual signatures of common components.

The Huntron Tracker may be used to troubleshoot circuit boards and electronic assemblies. But the current and voltage limitations still hold true. In circuit testing lends itself to the presence of parallel current paths, visual signatures may become misleading. The technician may have to remove the component under test to get a qualified visual signature. Ultimately, as with many troubleshooting tools, is most useful in identifying suspect devices. Additional testing may be required to positively determine if a device is good or not.

Furthermore, devices produced by different manufacturers are likely to produce different signatures. This does not necessarily indicate a failed device.

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