Tech Tip


Since IGBT gates are insulated from any other conducting region, care should be taken to prevent static build up, which could possibly damage gate oxides.  IGBT modules are shipped from the factory with conductive foam contacting the gate and emitter control terminals.  Never touch the gate terminals during assembly and keep the conducting foam or copper grounding straps in place until permanent connections are made to the gate and emitter control terminals.  Always ground parts touching gate terminals during installation.  In general, standard ESD precautions applicable to MOSFETs should be followed.

Other handling precautions that should be observed are:

  • Use a grounded work station with grounded floors and grounded wrist straps when handling devices.
  • Use a 100 ohm resistor in series with the gate when performing curve tracer tests.
  • Never install devices into systems with power connected to the system.
  • Use soldering irons with grounded tips when soldering to gate terminals.
Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed due to constant changes that are occurring in governing codes and regulated official documents.  When in doubt, consult with the appropriate governing authority for the latest information.

Information taken from Powerex IGBTMOD and Intellimod - Intellegent Power Modules Applications and Technical Data Book, First Edition, October, 1994. 4.7.3 Handling Precautions

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