EBM/Papst AC fans are known throughout the industry for reliability. The exceptional quality of these fans has been proven over many years, with millions of units in service throughout the world. Fans are provided in 115-volt and 230-volt models and are designed for operation at 60/50 Hz frequencies. Some dual voltage units are also available on special order. All fans are manufactured in compliance with ISO-9001, total quality is assured. Most products are UL, CSA and VDE approved.

8000N Series
80MMx38MM SLEEVE 115VAC 21 8830N
80MMx38MM SLEEVE 230VAC 21 8880N
80MMx38MM SLEEVE 115VAC 28 8800N
80MMx38MM SLEEVE 230VAC 28 8850N
80MMx38MM SLEEVE 115VAC 36 8500DP
80MMx38MM SLEEVE 115VAC 36 8500N
80MMx38MM BALL 115VAC 36 8506N
80MMx38MM SLEEVE 230VAC 36 8550N
80MMx38MM SLEEVE 230VAC 36 8556N
3900 Series
92MMx25MM BALL 115VAC 23 3906L
92MMx25MM BALL 230VAC 23 3956L
92Mmx25MM BALL 115VAC 31 3906M
92MMx25MM BALL 230VAC 31 3956M
92MMx25MM BALL 115VAC 41 3906
92MMx25MM BALL 230VAC 41 3956
4000N & X Series
119MMx38MM SLEEVE 115VAC 50 4840N
119MMx38MM SLEEVE 230VAC 50 4890N
119MMx38MM SLEEVE 115VAC 106 4600N
119MMx38MM SLEEVE 115VAC 106 4600X
119MMx38MM SLEEVE 115VAC 106 4600XP
119MMx38MM BALL 115VAC 106 4606N
119MMx38MM BALL 115VAC 106 4606X
119MMx38MM SLEEVE 24VAC 106 4624N
119MMx38MM SLEEVE 230VAC 106 4650N
119MMx38MM SLEEVE 230VAC 106 4650X
119MMx38MM BALL 230VAC 106 4656N
119MMx38MM BALL 230VAC 106 4656X
119MMx38MM SLEEVE 115/230VAC 106 4660N
W2K121 Series
127MMx38MM BALL 230VAC 106 W2K121-AB07-13
127MMx38MM SLEEVE 230VAC 106 W2K121-AB07-39
127MMx38MM BALL 115VAC 106 W2K121-AB11-13
127MMx38MM SLEEVE 115VAC 106 W2K121-AB11-39
127MMx38MM BALL 230VAC 121 W2K121-AA01-01
127MMx38MM SLEEVE 230VAC 121 W2K121-AA01-03
127MMx38MM BALL 230VAC 121 W2K121-AA01-13
127MMx38MM SLEEVE 230VAC 121 W2K121-AA01-39
127MMx38MM BALL 115VAC 121 W2K121-AA15-01
127MMx38MM SLEEVE 115VAC 121 W2K121-AA15-03
127MMx38MM BALL 115VAC 121 W2K121-AA15-13
127MMx38MM SLEEVE 115VAC 121 W2K121-AA15-39
W2S130 Series
150MMx55MM BALL 230VAC 225 W2S130-AA03-01
150MMx55MM BALL DUAL VAC 225 W2S130-AA03-49
150MMx55MM BALL 230VAC 225 W2S130-AA03-51
150MMx55MM BALL 115VAC 225 W2S130-AA25-01
150MMx55MM BALL 115VAC 225 W2S130-AA25-51
150MMx55MM BALL 230VAC 233 W2S130-AA03-44
150MMx55MM BALL 115VAC 233 W2S130-AA25-44
150MMx55MM BALL 230VAC 263 W2S130-BM03-01
150MMx55MM BALL 115VAC 263 W2S130-BM15-01

Other styles are available.  Please call for more information.

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