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ABB Drive Integrator for Dynamometer Drive Systems


Since 1982 Galco Industrial electronics has been providing Dynamometer and Dynamometer Drive solutions for a broad base of testing laboratories. Our experience with both AC and DC Dynamometer Drive Systems enables us to meet the many challenges and demands of Test Engineers and facility managers. Professional service and outstanding customer satisfaction that equals the performance and reliability of ABB Drive products and continues to be the key to our continued success. Galco Engineering has a solid track record of working with End Users and Integrators on supplying Dynamometers and Dynamometer Drive Systems.

As a Drive system Integrator for ABB, Galco Engineering receives special training on the three major low voltage products from the ABB Drives Group. These three lines are ABB DC Line Regenerative, ABB AC Line Regenerative and ABB Drive Modules, which allow Galco Engineering to custom configure a drive solution by integrating a wide power range of ISU (Input supply Unit) and INV (Inverter Modules). These modules are typically applied in Common Bussed Multi Drive Applications where energy can be recirculated within the drive system thus significantly lowering the overall cost implementation and utilization of the Dynamometer drive system.

ABB drives brings together a world leading and recognized brand - ABB - the number one supplier for variable speed drives and a product range that is simply the widest available from any manufacturer. ABB drives is a reference for drives users the world over that signifies reliability, simplicity, flexibility and ingenuity, throughout the lifecycle of a drive.

The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 130,000 people.


Dynamometer Drive Systems and Dynamometers

Galco Engineered Systems success is based on taking a custom solution approach to each Dynamometer application. Starting with the customers Speed / Torque curve requirements our engineers best fit the AC motor solution to meet the particular engineering test article requirements. If possible we can utilize standard AC motors to fit the application requirements saving time and cost. We can offer a wide range of solutions from low base speed / high torque requirements to motors requiring a wide speed range of up to 5:1.

Dynamometer Drive System capabilities include speed / torque switching "on the fly", torque regulator using torque meter or load cell feedback, high dynamic response and field buss capabilities.

Dynomometer Experience Index

Dynamometer Drive Systems

  • Line Regenerative AC Applications up to 2000 HP
  • Line Regenerative DC Dynamometer Application up to 2000 HP
  • Common Bussed AC Drive applications

Custom Built Dynamometers

  • Custom AC Dynamometers up to 2000 HP low Voltage
  • Liquid or Air Cooled Dynamometers built to Specifications
  • Permanent Magnet Low Inertia Dynamometers
  • High speed Dynamometers

Dynomometer Product Experience List

Dynamometer Test Stand Applications
Axle Dynamometers
Engine Dynamometers
Transmission Dynamometers
Transaxle Dynamometers
Component Test Dynamometers
Electric Motor Test Dynamometers
Multiaxle Road Load Simulation Chassis Dynamometers
Transfer Case Dynamometers
Hybrid Motor Vehicle Dynamometer
Wheel Durability Test Stand


500hp Dynamometer Control - (.pdf)
500hp Regenerative Reflex DC Motor Controller

Dynamometer Component Test System - (.pdf)
25hp 3600 RPM AC Motor with ABB ACS600 DTC Drive System Engineered

Dynamometer Component Test System with Adjustable Motor Base - (.pdf)
75hp 4000/8000 RPM AC Motor with ABB ACS600 DTC Drive System

CASE STUDY Dynamometer Control System - (.pdf)
Operator Configurable Profiles with Data Acquisition

Portable Dynamometer Component Test System - (.pdf)
24hp 6000 RPM AC Motor with ABB ACS600 DTC Drive System

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