Updating equipment can have the fastest and most dynamic impact on your manufacturing company; saving time and money.
When you need to bring your equipment to the next level, call Galco. We have a wide variety of industry experience. Depending on the technology and communication involved, Galco's engineers can offer services as a package or separate features for your business. Galco's engineers work with you to discover the best solution for your business.
Choose your option:
  • Update machines in stages
  • All encompassing updates of your machine integration
  • Continual updates as new innovations are incorporated
Chose the outcome desired:
  • Updating machine tools with the latest computerized controls
  • Adding new accessories to expand machine tool capabilities
  • Integrating systems throughout the machine tool plant
Whether you need a new drive in an enclosure or are considering a total systems approach in your facility, Galco has a solution to fit your needs. Read our machine retrofit success stories below.

NEW!   Servo System Upgrade for Toyoda Crankshaft Grinder
NEW!   Authorized 4-Star GE Fanuc Retrofitter

CNC Machine Tools

Drives Applications - Position, Velocity & Torque Control

Dynamometers / Component Test Stands

PLC Applications

Stamping Press Clutch Brake Controller