PMR Series Image
  • LCD Display
  • Operated Up To 600 Volts
  • Open Phase, Orientation, and Direction Check
  • Frequency Range 45~70 Hertz
  • Extremely Simple To Use
Phase sequence testing is crucial for some of the three-phase loads, whenever they need to be connected to the electrical system. Improper connection of three-phase motors may lead to reverse rotation, and as a result it may damage equipment powered by a motor. Amprobes Testers are used to assure proper and safe connection of the electrical equipment on three phase systems.
1250N Series Image
  • 5000M Ohms Resistance
  • Voltage Max 1000V
  • Low Resistance Test
  • Hand Crank
  • AC Voltage Test
The Model 1250N is a compact, self-contained, hand-cranked True megohmmeter. This practical and dependable instrument is designed for a broad range of plant and field service applications. The easy hand-cranked operation provides a steady, rectified DC voltage output across the entire range for consistently reliable readings. The Model 1250N has three test voltages for insulation resistance testing: 250, 500 and 1000V, and has a test voltage range for safety checks to confirm the sample is fully discharged and not connected to an energized circuit. Test voltages are generated in full across the entire measurement range.
5060 Series Image
  • Voltage Max 5000V
  • 10000G Ohms Resistance
  • Dual Digital Display
  • Backlight
  • AC Voltage Test
The Digital/Analog Megohmmeter Model 5060 is the latest design in 5000V insulation testers. Features include automatic calculation and presentation of the Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR), Polarization Index (PI) and Dielectric Discharge (DD). The Model 5060 displays the test voltage, insulation resistance and the leakage current during the test. Capacitance of the sample and discharge voltage present at the test leads is displayed at the conclusion of the test. This meter is designed with the highest level of built in safety features. The Model 5060 can be operated from an internal rechargeable battery system or from an AC line power. The Model 5060 offers additional functionality in that an RS-232 port provides the ability to configure the unit from a PC and run the test from the PC.
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