ATC-Automatic Timing & Control

365C Series Image
  • Keeps track of the set point throughout the time cycle
  • Positive reset time and pulse length
  • Wide range
  • Programmable display
  • Noise immunity
  • Reliability and ruggedness
  • Compact, plug-in and dust-tight
  • Self diagnostics
The ATC 365C is the latest generation in the popular long-ranger timer series.The microprocessor-based digital timer is equipped with three rotary knobs for setting and adjustment of the Preset.The Preset can be any three-digit value from .01 SEC to 999 HR.The Decimal and Range are switch selectable.The high-intensity blue vacuum fluorescent display is DIP switch selectable to Timeup or Timedown.Two heavy-duty 7A DPDT relays provide instantaneous,interval or delayed output control.Plug-in panel mounting allows easy replacement without the removal of field wiring.
328E Series Image
  • Designed for industrial service
  • Cycle progress indication
  • Versatile mounting
  • Multiple ranges reduces inventory
  • High accuracy
  • Versatile control capability
A versatile dial-adjustable time delay relay,the ATC 328E provides a choice of ON-delay,OFF-delay or interval operation for any timing period between 50 mSEC and 10 hours-all in the same timer.Based on a unique digital circuit,it features cycle progress annunciation and is suitable for the most demanding industrial service.
339B Series Image
  • Wide choice of ranges
  • Cycle progress indication
  • High accuracy
  • Multiple timing modes
An economical solid-state TDR with octal plug-in base,the 339B maintains excellent repeat accuracy despite wide voltage and temperature variations.even after long periods of down-time.Two models are available. Each has six dial selected ranges from fractions of a second to as long as 10 hours.Each model has a selectable on-delay or interval timing mode.
422AR Series Image
  • Time Delay Relay with Six Selectable Ranges: 1 and 10 SEC/MIN/HRS
  • LED Indicator for Power and Relay Output
  • DIN RAIL Mounted with DIN RAIL Socket
  • Power: 20VAC to 240VAC; 12VDC to 240VDC
  • Relay rated 10A @ 30VDC, 240VDC
Time delay relays with a maximum time of ten hours. Individual adjustable ON-time and OFF-time. Relay rated 10A @ 30VDC, 240VDC; cycle can begin with relay energized or de-energized. DPDT Relay Output with a compact size of 1/16 DIN.
655 Series Image
  • 120 VAC or 240 VAC
  • Two Timing Modes
  • Five Timing Ranges
  • Simple Keypad Time Setting
  • Direct Replacement for Electromechanical Timers
The ATC Model 655 timer is an electronic control that will retrofit most round case electromechanical timers. The control performs the same timing modes (ON-Delay or Reverse Start Delay) as electromechanical units, and it is capable of timing ranges from 1 millisecond to 199 hours 59 minutes. On the bottom inside of the control are DIP switches which can be set, in seconds, to establish the timing mode and time range. Our unit will plug into competitive mounted cases without wiring changes in most instances. Remove the electromechanical timer, set ours, plug it into the electromechanical timer case and you're ready to run. DIP switch setting instructions for electromechanical timers are supplied with 655 installation instructions.
405C Series Image
  • On-Delay version with instantaneous relay
  • Selectable On-Delay/Interval Timing Mode version
  • Output Contacts rated 10A 120/240 VAC and 30 VDC
  • Six Timing Ranges in a single unit
  • Timing Ranges: 1 and 10 SEC, MIN,and HRS 5 and 50 SEC, MIN, and HRS
  • Universal Power Supply: 24-240 VAC and 24 VDC
  • 48mm2 DIN Standard housing
  • Large and easy to read dial shows decimal points
  • Round (octal) socket mount or mount in panel cutout
  • Range and Mode select are tamper proof when panel mounted
  • Unique flashing cycle progress indication
319E Series Image
  • Wide choice of ranges
  • Cycle progress indication-model 319e
  • High accuracy
An economical ON-delay solid-state TDR with octal plug-in base,the ATC 319E maintains excellent repeat accuracy despite wide voltage and temperature variations,even after long periods of down-time.One model has five dial-selected adjustable ranges and provides any timing period between 0.02 SEC and 30 MIN;Lower-cost models incorporate three dial selected ranges or a single adjustable range.
417B Series Image
  • True Off-Delay mode of operation
  • Output contacts rated 10A at 120/240 VAC
  • Three timing ranges in a single unit: 10 SEC, 1 MIN, 10 MIN 5 SEC, 0.5 MIN, 5 MIN
  • Universal power operation: 24 VAC to 240 VAC & 24 VDC
  • 8-Pin or 11-Pin mounting
  • Remote reset models
  • 48mm2 DIN standard housing
  • Range selection is tamper-proof when panel-mounted
The 417B True Off-Delay Timer is designed for the most rugged industrial environments.It offers exceptional electrical noise immunity,with excellent setting and repeat accuracy.Each 417B can be powered from 24 VAC to 240 VAC and 24 VDC,greatly simplifying ordering and inventory management.The 48mm2 (1/16 DIN) housing is compact.The 417B is mounted in an 8-pin octal or 11-pin round socket.The 417B can be panel-mounted with an optional mounting clip.A large time-setting knob is provided for easy adjustment by operator.The range select switch is located on the side of the unit;therefore,once panel-mounted,the switch is not accessible to the operator.This tamper-proof feature prevents unauthorized or hazardous changes to the timing range.The 417's high intensity LED turns on when power is applied to the timer and turns off during timing.
366C Series Image
  • Contact bounce and noise immunity
  • Keeps track of the set point throughout the count cycle
  • Programmable display
  • Wide range
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Compact, plug-in and dust-tight
  • Positive reset time and pulse length
The compact 366C is the most versatile and cost-effective counter ATC has ever built.No industrial counter has ever achieved a higher level of reliability and ruggedness than the 366C.It has no moving parts in its electronic logic circuits,only plug-in circuit boards which are computer-tested for reliability and assembled virtually without hand wiring.Its few mechanical components have been selected for reliable service;long life relays with heavy-duty contacts and rotary set point selector switches with extremely low wear characteristics.
422AR Series Image
  • Six Selectable Ranges: 1 and 10 SEC/MIN/HRS
  • Individual adjustable ON-time and OFF-time
  • Cycle can begin with relay energized or de-energized
  • Relay rated 10A @ 250 VAC Resistive
  • Compact Size (1/16 DIN)
  • DPDT Relay Output
  • Power: 20VAC to 240VAC 12VDC to 240VDC
  • LED Indicator for Power and Relay energized output
  • Can be DIN Rail mounted with DIN RAIL socket
The 422AR Flip-Flop timer is available with Repeat Cycle operations.During Repeat Cycle operation the 422AR cycle ON and OFF repeatedly,allowing periodic cycling of a load.Two knobs are available to individually adjust the ON-time and the OFF-time.The 422AR can be configured with either the relay being energized during the first timing period or de-energized during the first timing period.
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