Polycarbonate Series Image
  • Latches and Hinges Do Not Penetrate Enclosure
  • Easy to Remove Cover with Integrated Lock Hasp
  • High Performance Inserts
  • Side Mount DIN Rail System
  • Flush-Fit Side Mount Swing Panel
For each challenge an enclosure could face, Attabox™ polycarbonate enclosures has a solution. Known for its superior properties, polycarbonate performs the best in almost any industry and is one of the most trusted material solutions for enclosures. Its properties provide the highest UV rating (F1) with inhibitors that are present at every level of compound. In other words, it is not just surface protection. It has impact strength approaching 5 times that of fiberglass enclosures. Unlike fiberglass which requires a protective mask, it is easy to drill with no dust, chipping, or cracking. Polycarbonate is an injection molded resin that allows for best in class cost and best in class performance.
  • Made in the USA
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