BEI Sensors

H25 Series Image
  • Single or Dual Channel Output, Complementary and Indexed Outputs Available
  • Square Flange or Servo Mount
  • 3/8” Shaft
  • IP66 with Shaft Seal
  • Resolution up to 5,000 Cycles per Turn
The H25 is the flagship of the BEI Sensors product line. It was designed from the ground up for the industrial marketplace. The H25 offers features such as EMI shielding, 40 lb. ABEC 7 bearings, matched thermal coefficients on critical components, and custom high efficiency optics. The encoder meets NEMA 4 and 13 requirements when ordered with the shaft seal. Typical applications include machine control, process control, the wood processing industry, oil well logging, industrial weighing, agricultural machinery, textile equipment, web process control, robotics, and food processing.
HS35 Series Image
The HS35 combines the rugged, heavy-duty features usually associated with shafted encoders into a hollow shaft style. Its design includes dual bearings and shaft seals for NEMA 4, 13 and IP65 environmental ratings, a rugged metal housing, and a sealed connector or cable gland. The HS35 accommodates shafts up to 1” in diameter. With optional insulating inserts, it can be mounted on smaller diameter shafts. It can be mounted on a through shaft or a blind shaft with a closed cover to maintain its environmental rating. The HS35 is also available with a dual output option (inset) to provide redundant encoder signals, dual resolutions, or to supply two separate controllers from a single encoder. Applications include motor feedback and vector control, printing industries, robotic control, oil service industries, and web process control.
Optical Isolator Series Image
  • Accepts Differential and Single Ended Line Driver and Open Collector Signals from Encoder
  • Supply Lines Protected Against Over Voltage to 60V and Reverse Voltage
  • DIN Rail Mount
  • 5~28 VDC Supply
This is a versatile interface between an incremental encoder and receiving electronics. It accepts single ended or differential inputs and provides single ended or differential outputs in either an open collector or line driver configuration. It accommodates all standard operating voltages from 5 to 28 VDC. Up to eight Optical Isolator Modules can be daisy-chained to provide multiple, simultaneous outputs to controllers or PLC’s. This Optical Isolator can help clean up noisy signals by converting to a different line driver output. It has a 1 MHz throughput capability and can be used wherever a fast, optically isolated interface is required.
Anti-Dither Series Image
  • Prevents False Readings during Starts, Stops and High Vibrations
  • Line Driver or Open Collector Output
  • Terminal Block Connection
  • Accepts 5~24 VDC from Encoder
  • DIN Rail Mount
This interface module uses the position information in a dual channel quadrature encoder to remove spurious counts caused by mechanical vibration. Logic gates in the Anti-Dither Module use the quadrature relationship to discriminate between dithering and actual movement. The resulting output is a phase-shifted quadrature signal with ± 1/4 cycle of hysteresis. The index pulse from the encoder is optically isolated and passed directly to the controller for use as a reference.
H20 Series Image
The H20 is an extremely rugged encoder designed to economically fill the resolution range up to 4096 cycles per turn. This compact unit features a shock resistant disc, heavy duty bearings, and EMI shielding. The H20 conforms to NEMA 4 and 13 requirements. The H20 is also available in a hub shaft style with a flexmount (inset) for easy mounting directly to small motors. Typical applications of the H20 include machine control, process control, agricultural machinery, textile equipment, robotics, food processing, and metering.
E25 Series Image
The E25 has been designed as a light duty encoder for applications such as robotics, precision computer peripherals and OEM motors and controls. It is designed with an integrated mounting ring and shaft coupling. The integrated mounting ring and shaft coupling allow for simplified installing and a low overall profile when the unit is mounted on a motor. These self-contained mounting and coupling features can result in reduced interface cost.
Intrinsic Safety Barrier Series Image
  • Line Driver or Open Collector Output
  • Open Wire Detection Available
  • Terminal Block Connection
  • DIN Rail Mount
This Intrinsic Safety Barrier Module is the perfect complement to BEI’s Intrinsically Safe Encoders and, when used together, constitutes a completely engineered solution for encoder operation in Class I and Class II, Division 1 (Zone 0) Hazardous Environments. This single barrier provides both power and signal isolation for an incremental encoder with differential quadrature outputs and an index. This all-in-one approach saves the cost, inconvenience and system design time needed when using separate power and signal barriers. This barrier is galvanically isolated which eliminates the added cost of maintaining a high integrity earth ground. With differential line driver outputs, this barrier can be used to carry signals reliably up to 500 feet with a bandwidth of up to 250 kHz. It is designed around a standard DIN Rail mounting (Type EN 50022, 35 mm X 7.5 mm) for easy installation in standard enclosures. A length of DIN rail is supplied with each module. The module simply snaps directly to the DIN rail and is ready to use.
The Intrinsic Safety Barrier Module is certified to be installed in Class I, Div. 2 (Zone 2) areas.
USB Converter Series Image
  • Input Devices: 2 SSI Absolute or 2 Incremental Encoders
  • 5V Supply from USB Port
  • DIN Rail Mount
The Dual Encoder to USB Converter translates encoder position to industry standard USB 2.0 format that can be read by a computer. Each module can handle signals from two encoders. Modules are available for SSI absolute encoders, as well as quadrature incremental encoders.
The module can be programmed through the USB interface for number of bits with absolute encoders. For incremental encoders, count mode (X1, X2, X4), reset, preset, and preset/reset on index are programmable through the USB input. Incremental encoder counter register length is programmable, up to 32 bits. The Encoder to USB Converter is ideal for system setup and debugging, data acquisition and PC based control applications. 3-meter USB cable included.
H25 Series Image
Long considered the industry standard for shafted incremental encoders, the Model H25 is now available in an absolute version with up to 13 Bits of resolution. It incorporates many of the great standard features of the incremental version, including: EMI shielding, 40-lb ABEC 7 bearings, matched thermal coefficients on critical components, and custom optics. This encoder features a 12 or 13 Bit absolute parallel gray code output, a selection line for count direction, and an output latch as standard. Output is standard gray code with options for natural binary or SSI compatible signals. Signals can be provided in either a single-ended multi-voltage line driver (TTL compatible when provided with 5 volts) or as an open-collector style of output. Typical applications include dam gate control, cranes, telescopes, tool changers, and robotics.
H38 Series Image
This is the same Explosion Proof rated encoder as the H38 Incremental, in an absolute encoder version with output up to 13 bits of resolution. The H38 is UL certified for NEMA Class 4X and 6 (outdoor non-hazardous locations) and Class 4X and 13 (indoor non-hazardous locations). It is available with single and triple certifications for use in hazardous locations and includes a standard shaft seal, double bearing seals, and a cast aluminum housing with hard anodized and dichromate sealed finish. The H38 is suitable for use in petroleum service industries, solvent refining operations, spray painting applications, and explosive dust environments. When your application needs the ability to recover position information quickly after a power loss and you are operating in a hazardous area—the H38 may be the answer to your needs.
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