SCSS Series Image
  • Self-centering punch aligns itself on pilot hole
  • Excellent abrasion resistance for punching fiberglass
  • Heavy duty dies and stainless steel draws for longer life
  • No need to draw crosshairs or line up die alignment marks
  • Unique punch profile also spits slugs for easier slug removal
  • Capacities up to 10 gauge stainless steel (refer to individual capacity ratings)
Combination Series Image
  • Complete Hole Drilling, Tapping and Deburring/Countersinking in One Operation with Power Drill Saves Labor and Time
  • Back Tapered Beyond Tap to Prevent Thread Damage from Over-Drilling
  • Made from Hardened High-Speed Steel vs. Carbon Steel for Longer Life
  • High Quality Hex Shank to Ensure Strong Connection to Drill Chuck
  • Quick Change Adaptor Included in both Metric and Standard Kits
  • Deburr/Countersink Also Provided On Bit beyond Back Taper
  • Designed to Tap up to 10-Gauge Metal
SR Series Image
  • Round standard metal punch units
  • Use with battery-powered, hydraulic, ratchet or manual drivers
  • Performs quick, clean, and accurate holes
720 Series Image
  • Punches keyways or push-button holes
  • Use as a nibbler to make wider or deeper keyways
  • Eliminates time-consuming hand sawing and filing when making keyways
Insulated Series Image
  • Built with Precision-Machined, Black Phosphate-Plated Tips for Accurate Fastener Contact
  • Rated to 1000 VAC and Exceed Both ASTM and IEC Standards
  • Cushion Grip Handles for Comfort and Torque
  • Dual Color Insulation Provides Added Safety
  • Built Heavy-Duty for Longer Life
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
EK50ML Series Image
  • Intelli-CRIMP Technology Measures Pressure and Amperage 32 Times a Second ? Two-Stage Telescopic Design Identifies Correct Pressure to Apply
  • Tool Marking Provides Clear Marking of Crimped Connectors
  • Single Trigger Operation for Controlling All Tool Functions
  • Broad Crimp Range for Stranded and Fine Stranded Wire Class
  • Flip Top Style Rotating Head
SQUARE Series Image
  • Properly assembled, they will make clean, fast, and accurate holes
  • Use with battery-powered or hydraulic drivers
0153-02C Series Image
  • Handle Marked for Easy Identification of Screwdriver Size, Type and Length
  • Strong, Durable Black Phosphate Tips Prevent Chipping of Plating
  • Precision-Machined Tips for Accurate Fastener Contact
  • Cushion Grip Handle for Extra Comfort and Torque
  • High-Grade, Rust Resistant, Chrome-Plated Finish
  • Heavy-Duty Construction for Longer Life
  • Exceeds ASME/ANSI Specifications
  • Note: This Is Not an Insulated Tool
  • Contents:
    • 3/16" x 4" Cabinet
    • 3/16" x 6" Cabinet
    • 1/4" x 4" Keystone
    • 1/4" x 6" Cabinet
    • 5/16" x 6" Keystone
    • #1 x 3 Phillips
    • #2 x 4" Phillips
CCXL Series Image
  • Intelligent Crimping System Technology Includes a Pressure Sensor That Monitors the Crimping Force of Each Crimp and Provides the Operator a Visual and Audible Alert If the Force Is Below Specifications
  • Retraction Stop Repeat (RSR) Allows the Operator to Partially Retract the Ram and Then the Tool Repeats the Retraction for Subsequent Crimps
  • Available with 120V, 12V or 230V Battery Charger or with 120V or 230V Corded Adapter In Place of Batteries and Charger
  • Smart Chargers Control the Charging Current, Charging Voltage and Battery Temperature to Maximize Battery Life
  • State of the Art 18V Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Battery Provides 70% More Cycles per Charge and Faster Cycle Times
  • LED Light Provides the Operator with the Battery Charge and Tool Maintenance Status
  • Two-Stage Hydraulic System Provides Fast Advance and Power Speeds, Saving Time
  • Overmolded Tacky Grip Areas Make Gripping the Tool Easier and More Comfortable
  • Tools Automatically Retract When the Crimping or Cutting Cycle Is Complete
  • Greenlee Battery-Powered Crimping Tools Now Use Bio-Degradable Oil
  • Forward Handle Position Improves Tool Balance
  • LED Work Light Illuminates Dark Work Areas
  • One Trigger Controls All Tool Functions
  • Crimping Head Rotates 350 deg
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