Jokab Safety

Jokab Safety: Learn About Jokab Safety Products Here > Since its foundation in 1988, Jokab Safety has developed innovative products and solutions focusing on machine safety. Jokab has supplied everything from individual safety components to fully-installed protection systems for entire production lines and works on a daily basis with the practical application of safety requirements in combination with product requirements. Jokab Safety is also represented on a variety of international standards committees concerned with the safety of machinery. ABB acquired Jokab Safety in March of 2010, giving them additional influence and a sales network spanning 120 countries. Combined, ABB Jokab Safety has over two decades of worldwide hands-on experience in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and application of electronic safety components, safety fencing, and complete machine safety systems.

One of Jokab's primary philosophies is that "Productivity and safety are not contradictory terms. On the contrary, ABB JOKAB SAFETY knows that machine safety solutions that are properly executed and adapted from the beginning will increase productivity and profitability." And they work hard to ensure that this philosophy is carried out in every product they manufacture. Additionally, Jokab Safety ensures that you get what you pay for: "The idea that all safety devices are the same and can be purchased as commodity products for the lowest price is a myth. This misplaced belief ultimately leads to higher overall costs, incorrect applications that may not comply with the specified safety standards, and can result in unsafe conditions."