King Innovation

AlumiConn Series Image
  • Aluminum To Copper Wiring
  • 300 Volts
The AlumiConn series of aluminum to copper lug connectors from King Innovation offers a convenient and permanent solution for safety connecting aluminum to copper wiring. These connectors are a one piece device featuring three separte connection ports in order to eliminate intermixing of different conductors, reducing the risk of an electrical fire. They're compact, easy to install, and can support connections up to 300 Volts.
  • Plastic insulated metal handle.
  • Handles 14/2, 12/2, 10/2, 14/3, 12/3 and 10/3 non-metallic wire and building wire.
  • Reduces the risk of electrical fires.
  • Prevents accidental cutting of wires.
SafteyStaples Series Image
  • Reduces risk of electrical fires.
  • Insulated with bonded PVC.
  • Color coded for size and application.
  • Dielectric rating per ELT test 525777.
  • Tumble deburred, a rust inhibitor applied.
WireStaples Series Image
  • Metal staple handles 14/2, 12/2, 10/2, 14/3, 12/3, 10/3 building wire.
  • Handles other types of non-metallic wire.
672 Series Image
  • Integrally Designed Test Ports
  • Color Coded Identification of Ports
  • Housing Material Is Flame Retardant
  • No Need to Twist Wires or Tape Connections
  • Simply Strip Wires, Insert into Connector and Save Time and Money
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