NTE Electronics

  • 26 ~ 8 AWG
  • Variety of Styles Available
  • Insulated and Non-Insulated
  • Color Coded Wire Size
  • Different Terminal Materials Available
NTE offers a complete range of Solderless Terminals. Insulated and Non-Insulated terminals are available for a variety of different styles in a broad range of wire size. These are perfect for making a secure connection with no need to solder. To complete the installation of solder less terminals NTE offers a matching crimping tool.
THIN WALL Series Image
  • Sizes from 3/64" to 2"
  • Single Wall Construction
  • 2:1 Shrink Ratio
  • 6" to 100' Spool Lengths
  • 7 Colors Available
NTE's Thin Wall Heat Shring Tubing is a high performance, multi purpose, professional grade, flexible, flame retardant, polyolefin based heat-shrinkable tubing with excellent electrical, chemical, and physical properties. This tubing is used extensively in industrial and military applications for cable and wire harnessing, strain relief, color coding, identification, insulation, and protection against fluids.
TOGGLE Series Image
  • 12~30 VDC/120~250 VAC
  • 3~50 Amp Ratings
  • 9 Circuit Types
  • Standard Mounting Sizes
  • UL/CSA Recognized
NTE Toggle switches are available in many styles to suit your application.
  • Fixed and Momentary Functions
  • 12 Function Configurations
  • Illuminated and Non-Illuminated Models
  • Several Actuator Styles
  • Several Termination Styles
ROCKER Series Image
  • 12 VDC/125~250 VAC
  • 3~20 Amp Ratings
  • 4 Circuit Types
  • Round/Rectangular Types
  • UL/CSA Recognized
NTE Rocker switches are available in many sizes, shapes, and configurations including sealed automotive and marine.
  • Fixed and Momentary Functions
  • 10 Function Configurations
  • Illuminated or Non-Illuminated
  • Solder or Quick Connect Terminals
Stranded Wire 300V Series Image
  • For Internal Wiring of Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • Passes UL VW-1.S Vertical Flame Test
  • 300 Volt PVC Insulation
  • 25 and 100 Feet Spools
  • OSHA Acceptable
  • 18 ~ 26 AWG
MSC Series Image
  • 21uf to 1200uf
  • 110VAC to 330VAC
  • -40 to 149 Degrees F
  • AC Electrolytic
  • Quick Connect Terminals
The MSC series is a range of AC electrolytic capacitors. These capacitors are most often used to provide the torque necessary to start AC motors and other intermittent AC applications.
  • Long Life and High Reliability
  • Round Moisture and Oil Resistant Plastic Case
SNAP ACTION Series Image
  • 125~480 VAC/125~250 VDC
  • 10~20 Amp Ratings
  • 3 Circuit Types
  • Standard or Subminiature Sizes
  • UL/CSA Recognized
Snap Action switches from NTE are available in both standard and subminiature sizes. There are 13 varieties of actuators and screw/solder termination types are offered.
General Purpose Series Image
  • 4.12~25.25" Lengths
  • 0.875~7.18" Bundle Diameter
  • 18~175 lb. Tensile Strength
  • 16 Colors Available
  • Mil Specs Available
NTE Standard Cable Ties feature low insertion and pull through force, advanced pawl and teeth design, and angled tail for quicker initial insertion alignment. NTE's Standard Ties also have tail finger grips for easier handling and tightening.
  • Wide Array of Accessories Available
Stranded Wire 600V Series Image
  • For Internal Wiring of Electrical, Electronic Equipment and Machinery
  • Passes UL VW-1.S Vertical Flame Test
  • UL Style 1015 and CSA Type TEW
  • 600 Volt, 15 Amp Rated
  • 25 and 100 Foot Spools
  • PVC Insulation
  • 10 ~ 18 AWG
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