PIANO Series Image
  • These PIANO series units are extraordinarily compact, industrial grade power supplies that focus on the essential features needed in today's industrial applications. The excellent cost/performance ratio presents many new and exciting opportunities without compromising quality or reliability.
  • The mechanically robust housing is made of a high-grade, reinforced molded material, which permits the units to be used in surrounding temperatures up to 70 degrees C. (161.6 degrees F)
  • The unit is equipped with a wide-range input voltage stage, which makes the unit suitable for global use.
  • The addition of a DC-OK signal makes the unit suitable for many industry applications such as: process, automation and many other critical applications where preventive function monitoring can help to avoid long downtimes.
DPD155 Series Image
  • High Efficiency: 85%
  • DCin Wide Range: 19.2~32VDC or 48/60VDC (for DPD155.331)
  • Parallel Mode Automatic Load Sharing (for DPD155.133 and DPD155.134)
  • Voltage Isolation Primary/Secondary: 2.5kV
  • Self-Diagnostic LED and Ready Contact (RDY)
The DPD155 is designed to supply up to 5A at 24V. Output voltage is stable with ripple and noise below 25mVpp over the total range up to 120W.
The high-efficiency flyback converter gives greater reliability and economy. Multiple units can be used in parallel to increase system power without extra control wiring, as the current is automatically shared between units (DPD155.133 and DPD155.134 only).
The design is immune to input disturbances according to EN 61000-4-X, and VDE 0160 pulse (class 2 over the entire load range!). The unit is also protected against overvoltage and short-circuits. Construction and design meet all relevant safety standards, such as EN 60 950, VDE 805, VBG 804 and EN 55 022/B.
  • DC/DC Converter, Isolated Output
  • 24V Input, 5V Output
  • Efficiency Up To 82%
  • Negligibly Low Input Inrush Current
  • Full Output Power Between 0 and +60°C
  • MOSFET Inverse Battery Protection
Q Series Image
  • Extensive Approval Package
  • Active Harmonic Correction
  • Efficiency Up To 95 Percent
  • AC and DC Wide Range Input
  • 1-or 3-Phase Units
The Q-series from Pulse supply premium class power supplies with maximum efficiency, countless features and state-of-the-art technology. The Q series is suitable for almost all applications. Also has quick connect-spring clamp terminals.
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