460 Series Image
  • Protects From Loss of Any Phase
  • Protects From Phase Reversal
  • Protects From Rapid Cycling
  • Compact Design
  • Standard Surface or DIN Rail Mountable
The Model 460 is designed to protect 3-phase motors from damaging power conditions. The 460's wide operating range combined with UL and CE compliance enables quick access to domestic and global markets.
201A Series Image
  • Protects From Low Voltage
  • Protects From Reverse Phase
  • Diagnostic LED
  • Optional High Voltage Protection
  • 8-Pin Plug-In
The 201A is an auto ranging 8-pin, plug-in voltage monitor designed to protect 190-480VAC, 3-phase motors regardless of size. It is used to prevent damage caused by single-phasing, low voltage, phase reversal and voltage unbalance conditions.
777 Series Image
  • Network Programmable
  • Programmable with 9-volt battery prior to installation
  • Automatic reset with 3 seperate restart delay timers
  • RS-485 communications port
  • 3-digit LED diagnostic display
SymCom's Model 777-P2 is a fully programmable electronic overload relay. It is designed to monitor and protect any 3-phase, 200-480VAC motor drawing 2-800 full load amps (external CTs are required above 90 amps). It provides unsurpassed protection from faulty voltage, underload and overload conditions.
The 777-P2 incorporates a 3-digit LED display that is used for programming, providing real-time operational information and displaying diagnostic codes to aid in troubleshooting a fault condition.
Protects 3-phase motors from:
  • High Voltage
  • Low Voltage
  • Reverse-phase
  • Current unbalance
  • Ground fault, Class II
102A Series Image
  • Protects From Loss of Any Phase
  • Protects From Low Voltage
  • Surface Mount with Optional DIN Rail Mount
  • Finger Safe Barrier Strip Cover
The Model 102A is an auto-ranging voltage monitor designed to protect 3-phase motors regardless of size. It is used on 190-480 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz motors to prevent damage caused by single phasing, low voltage, phase reversal, or voltage unbalance.
ALT Series Image
  • Alternates Between Two Loads
  • Solid State Reliability
  • Compact Size
  • Debounce Time Delay
  • SPDT or Cross Connected
Model ALT alternating relays are used to alternate between two loads. The ALT is commonly used in duplex pumping applications to balance the runtime of both pumps.
LSRX Series Image
  • Standard Surface Mount
  • Fast On Terminals
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Optional Header for Remote Fiber Optic Panel Indicator
The Model LSRX is an AC current sensor designed to energize the output contact whenever 4.5 Amps or greater is present. The LSRX is used commonly as an AC current proof relay to indicate if a motor is operating. It can also be used to interlock fans, compressors, and motors; to indicate equipment status such as feed rates, tool wear, loss of prime on pumps, mixer viscosity, and all types of current sensing conditions; or to stage pump motors, chillers, or other machinery.
350 Series Image
  • Protects From Los of Any Phase
  • Protects From Voltage Unbalance
  • Standard Surface Mount
  • Diagnostic LED
Model 350 3-phase voltage monitor is perfect for heavy-duty applications such as rural pump panels, commercial and rural HVAC equipment, and oil rigs. The Model 350 is a versatile voltage monitor designed for 200, 400, or 600V applications. The Model 350-200 monitors 190 to 240V input voltages, the Model 350-400 monitors 380 to 480V input voltages, and the Model 350-600 monitors 475 to 600V input voltages.
455 Series Image
  • Protects From Contact Failure
  • Protects From Voltage Unbalance
  • Protects From Rapid Cycling
  • Surface Mount
The Model 455 three-phase voltage monitor combines load and line-side monitoring to alert the user of contact failure or impending contact failure. The line-side monitoring will protect the motor from damaging line-side conditions prior to the motor starting. With other line/load-side voltage monitors, the motor must be started before a voltage problem is detected. With the Model 455, your motor is fully protected at all times. The motor will not start if a power problem is present.
LSR Series Image
  • Screw Terminal Connection
  • Standard Surface Mount
  • Adjustable Potentiometer
Model LSR Load Sensors use current levels to determine feed rates, tool wear, loss of prime on pumps, mixer viscosity, and all types of over and under load conditions. They may also be used to stage pump motors, chillers, and other machinery. These devices combine a current transformer (CT) with Form C (SPDT) relay contacts to switch alarm circuits, contactors, or any resistive or inductive load. One simple screwdriver adjustment will calibrate the sensor for all single phase or three phase applications up to 100 Hp. The LSR-24 uses 24 VAC control voltage; the LSR-115 uses 115 VAC control voltage; and the LSR-230 uses 230 VAC control voltage.
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