Process Controllers

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Process Controllers
Process Controllers
Process controllers, or PID controllers, are electronic devices used to measure a process variable and make adjustments to keep that variable within a set range or at a desired setpoint. Controllers are used in industry to regulate temperature, pressure, force, flow rate and much more.

Process controllers use embedded software and a wide variety of functions to make precise adjustments using advanced feedback control. PIDs continuously take measurements from sensors and make adjustments to the final control element to maintain the desired setpoint. Alarms notify operators of any undesired measurements or results.

Most controllers also have a display, and can provide display parameters based on hardware configuration, masking irrelevant parameters if necessary. This way, operators only need to adjust the setpoint and alarm, then launch self-tune.

T3S Series Image
  • Economical Digital Control
  • 1/16 DIN
  • ON-OFF or Proportional Control
  • J, K Thermocouple or RTD Input
  • Relay, SS Relay Driver or 4-20 mA Output
The T3S, 1/16 DIN is a popular temperature control because it provides bold LED temperature readout and simple to set bidirectional push-button switches. The economical T3S is versatile with features like universal input power and selectable ON-OFF or proportional control modes.
TOS Series Image
  • Economical Control
  • 1/16 DIN, Analog Setting
  • Simple 8-Pin Plug-In Installation
  • Front Panel LED Indicates Output Status
  • J or K Thermocouple Input
The 1/16 DIN TOS, is one of the most commonly used temperature controls because of its low cost and operation simplicity. Primarily employed in ON/OFF output applications, the unit is also available with proportional control if desired.
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