SRB Series Image
The Tuff-Seal of multiple hole bushings are the answer when multiple conductors need to be terminated into one fitting. With over 300 configurations available, any of the multiple hole bushing can fit into any standard remke cord connector made from aluminum, nickel-plated aluminum, steel, stainless steel, nylon.
DF Series Image
  • For 100,200, or 400 AMP Cables
BG Series Image
BUIG Series Image
  • Malleable Construction Insures Mechanical Protection for the Raceway
  • Zinc Electro Plated for Corrosion Protection
  • Dual Rated Aluminum Grounding Lugs May be Used with Copper or Aluminum Grounding Conductors
Zinc-Grounding Series Image
  • 105 C Thermoplastic Liners
  • Heavy Reinforced Ribs
Grounding Series Image
  • For Quick Installation of Bonding Jumper to Multiple Metal Conduits. Designed To Bush Conductors and Prevent Insulation Damage Features
  • Ease of Installation, Lay in Lug Design
  • Cast Malleable Iron Body Designed To Lock Insulator in Place within Body, Reducing Common Assembly Problem Resulting In Dislodging Of Insulator
  • Insulator Rated For 150 C/302 F Application
  • Look For the Unique T&B Blue Color, Ensuring the Highest Quality Fitting
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