Fluid Control

Fluid Control
Fluid Control
Fluid control equipment is used to regulate the flow of oils and water-based solutions in machining applications.

Valves, tubes, fittings and nozzles are used to spray cutting fluids to remove machining dust and chips, which can solve a series of machining problems like poor surface finish, tool wear, inaccuracy, and machine downtime.

Fluid controllers are programmable, allowing machinists to precisely control pressure, flow rate, and the motion of the nozzle. These features help maintain an effective working temperature to extend tool life and improve accuracy.

WN Series Image
  • Three Operation Patterns
  • 31 Motion Settings
  • Error Detection
The Wavy Nozzle programmable coolant system sprays oil and water-based cutting fluids to effectively remove machining dust and chips, which can cause serious machining problems including: Poor surface finish, tool wear, machining downtime, and accuracy problems.
Angle and speed configuration options allow for maximum precision. Three unique movement modes are available: Fixed mode, sweep mode, and kick mode. 99 Motion pattern settings can be stored on the unit, and up to 31 pattern settings can be called up using M-codes.
An optional controller accessory allows for easier operation and setup. All memory settings can be set with the controller, including: operating patterns, positioning angle, and speed. Once setup and installation is complete, the Wavy Nozzle will operate by itself independent of the controller. One controller unit can be used to set up as many Wavy Nozzle units in your installation as required.
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