Fuseblocks and Holders

LPSC Series Image
  • Meets Dead Front Requirements
  • Blown Fuse Identification
  • Easy Installation and Removal of Fuses
  • Compact Design
  • Ventilated Design for Cooler Operation
Littelfuse POWR-SAFE “Dead Front” holders provide optimum protection to personnel. Indicating and non-indicating versions are available in 1, 2, 3, or 4 poles for Class CC and Midget fuses.
BUSSMAN Series Image
Knifeblade fuse blocks from 100 to 600 amps feature phase barriers between poles for additional safety with up to four mounting holes per pole increase installation flexibility. All knifeblade blocks meet UL creep and clearance requirements for Industrial Power Circuits (UL 508 and UL 845). Additionally, the 200 to 600 amp blocks meet the higher UL creep and clearance requirements for Power Distribution Standards (UL 98, UL 67, UL 489, UL 891 and UL 869A). All blocks have optional IP20 finger-safe high clarity, see-through covers for inspecting wire terminations or thermography measurements without removal. All covers enhance safety by featuring probe holes for easier, safer testing and a lockout/tagout capability. These covers also have optional open fuse indication to speed troubleshooting. Easy circuit identification is available for 30 and 60 amp blocks and covers with universal marker labels.
LFJ Series Image
  • Indication Offered on all Versions Except 200A-600A
  • Only One Hand is Required to Release from DIN Rail
  • Universal Mounting Holes make for Easy Replacement
  • Spring Reinforced Fuse Clips
  • Side Barriers for Isolation
The new Littelfuse 600 V Class J blocks offer generous space savings and enhanced value over previous generations, such as indication, snap-to-release DIN Rail mounting and universal mounting holes.
L600C-DINR Series Image
  • Spring-free Mechanism Allows for easy Installation and Removal
  • Integral DIN Rail Mounting Reduces Assembly Time
  • Quick-Connect Terminals Accommodate Side or Top Connection
  • Finger Safe Cover
Littelfuse DIN series Class CC, G and Midget fuse blocks have integral DIN rail mounting capabilities that allow secure mounting to 35mm “hat” type DIN rails. New releasable mechanism allows installation and removal of block without removing adjacent components on DIN rail. Electrical panel builders and machine builders no longer need to use mounting adapters, saving assembly time and related costs.
LFT Series Image
  • Compact Design means Increased Space Savings
  • Only One Hand is Required to Release from DIN Rail
  • Universal Mounting Holes make for Easy Replacement
  • Larger Blocks Employ Integral Heat Sink
The new Littelfuse Class T fuse blocks offer many advantages over previous generations that are noted in the features and benefits section. Of particular value is the space savings these new blocks provide.
USCC Series Image
  • 1~3 Poles
  • 30 Amps
  • 600 Volts
  • DIN Rail Mount
  • Finger Safe Protection
The Shawmut ULTRASAFE Fuse Holders save up to 15% mounting space and any combination can be snapped onto a 35mm DIN rail. Also features quick, and easy fuse change. Optional indicator lights.
CLASS J Series Image
  • 30~600 Amps
  • 600 Volts
  • 1~3 Poles (Expanders Available)
  • DIN Rail or Panel Mount
  • Various Terminal Types
Marathon Class J Fuseblocks offer a variety of wire connectors including box lugs, pressure connectors, and screw terminals. The 30 Amp model features an integral DIN rail mount. These fuseblocks have been tested and approved for a 200KA interrupting capacity.
E 90 CC Series Image
Class CC fuses have limiting characteristics dedicated to terminal protection of components and equipments against short-term overloads and dedicated to motors' protection against short-circuit. Maximum rated current of a Class CC fuse is 30 A, whereas the maximum rated voltage is 600 V. The breaking capacity reaches 200 kA.
The limiting properties of the Class CC fuses are particularly appreciated in the North American market, allowing suitable protection even of equipment with limited resistance to short-circuit. The use of Class CC fuses is continuously increasing in the American market, since the safety and reliability prescriptions of end users have become stricter and do not tolerate any permanent damage to motor starts.
  • UL Listed according to UL 4248-1 AND UL 4248-4
  • can be equipped only with Class CC fuses
  • Rated voltage 600 V AC/DC
  • Rated current 30 A
  • Versions 1, 1N, 2, 3, 3N, 4 poles
  • Rejection member to allow just the insertion of a class CC fuse
CC Series Image
  • Handles allows for quick, easy fuse change
  • Ventilated design for cooler operation
  • Touchsafe design, IEC Type IP20
  • Features Blown Fuse indicator
  • DIN Rail mounting solution
CLASS J Series Image
  • 30~600 Amps
  • 600 Volts
  • 1~3 Poles
  • Panel Mount
  • Various Terminal Types
Bussmann Class J Fuseblocks offer a variety of wire connectors, including box lugs, pressure connectors, and screw terminals. These blocks feature a thermoplastic composition with UL 94VO flame resistance. Class J Fuseblocks are also available in a compact, space saving "pyramid" type.
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