HVAC Sensors


HVAC Sensors
HVAC Sensors
An HVAC sensor is any device used to measure the conditions of an enclosed space, room or building. HVAC sensors include thermostats, humidistats, carbon dioxide sensors, pressure sensors and more.

HVAC sensors are connected to equipment and regulate air quality. Thermostats measure temperature, switching on and off heaters and air conditioners so that measured temperature matches a predetermined setpoint. Humidistats measure humidity and work with thermostats and heaters to protect equipment from condensation and corrosion. Carbon dioxide sensors monitor the quality of the air and regulate fresh air with ventilation adjustments. Pressure sensors monitor and adjust air flow.

HVAC sensors are ultimately responsible for the efficiency of the entire HVAC system and the overall air quality of the environment.

C7130 Series Image
C7130A Wall-mount Temperature Sensor:
  • Intended for use as an indoor air sensor with the R7380J,L Indicating Controller, the W7100 Discharge Controller, the W7600 Direct Digital Controller, and the W7620 Direct Digital Controller
C7130B Wall-mount Temperature Sensor:
  • Intended for use as an indoor air sensor with the Excel 500 Controller
The C7130A,B Wall-Mount Air Temperature Sensors provide the input required by the R7380J,L, W7100, W7600, W7620, and Excel 500 Control Systems to sense air temperature in indoor spaces.
T775 Series Image
  • Monitors return air temperature
  • Monitors mixed air temperature
  • Monitors discharge air temperature
These general use temperature sensors are simple to use and broadly feature electronic temperature and universal controllers for use in HVAC, agricultural and industrial applications.
  • Fast response
  • High accuracy
MLH Series Image
  • Select Models Available with 1/4-in SAE Female Schrader Connection with Valve Depressor
  • Less Than 2 ms Response Time Provides Accurate, High Speed Measurement
  • No Internal Elastomeric Seals, Preventing O-Ring Compatibility Issues
  • All Metal Wetted Parts for Use in Wide Variety of Fluid Applications
  • Suitable for Use with Freon and Ammonia Based Cooling Systems
The MLH Series is a two-wire 4-20mA gauge pressure sensor. This digitally compensated sensor offers an unparalleled value and performance combination, making it the ideal pressure sensing solution for demanding applications. The MLH series is available in pressure ranges up to 1000 psi.
P7640 Series Image
  • Proper Applications Include Measurement of Extremely Low Pressure Applications Such As: Building/Room Pressure, Air Flow, Variable Air Volume, Filter Status, and Duct Pressure
  • The Universal Model Comes with Attachable Duct Probe and Can Be Used In either Panel or Duct Mounting Application
  • Ideal for Clean Rooms, Hospitals, Fume Hoods, and Computer Rooms
  • Duct Mount Model Comes with Factory Installed Duct Probe
  • Selectable Fast or Standard Response Time
  • Selectable Inches WC or Pascal Scale
The P7640A Panel Mount, P7640B Duct Mount and P7640U Universal Mount Differential Pressure Transmitters provide reliable, accurate measurement and control. They are designed with field-selectable 4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC, or 0-10 VDC output. The P7640 offers switch selectable pressure ranges between 0-1 in WC/0-250 Pa or 0-10 in WC/0-2500PA depending on the model. Pressure ranges can be set for either unidirectional or bidirectional.
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