A transformer is a passive electrical device that transfer energy between circuits through electromagnetic induction. Current flowing through one coil in the transformer produces a magnetic field, which induces voltage in a second coil.

Induction between coils allows a transformer to increase or decrease voltage, making transformers essential for power transmission, distribution and utilization in AC power applications.

Transformers are most often used to decrease supply voltage for low voltage circuits. They are also used to isolate equipment from mains power, maintain constant voltage, measure voltage potential, and measure current.

  • Meet Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Standard UL 1585 and Are Identified. Class 2 Not Wet, Class 3 Wet.
  • Color-Coded Leadwires for Primary Connections and Screw Terminals
  • Meet NEC Class 2 Requirements
The AT140 General Purpose Transformer provides power to 24 Vac circuits in heating/cooling control systems. It is intended for use in systems with predictable, uniform loads and can be used in any application that does not exceed the listed ratings.
  • Powers up to 5 ZD or ARD Damper Motors and 14 RRD Damper Motors from One 40VA Transformer
  • Mounting Options Include Plate or Foot Mounting
  • 120/240 VAC Primary
The AT140 is a 24V, 40VA universal mount transformer. It provides a low voltage power source for any Honeywell zone control panel or damper.
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