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A ballast is an electrical device placed in line with a load to limit current. They are widely used in lighting applications to limit and maintain current that passes through fluorescent or high intensity discharge (HID) lamps.

Because fluorescent lamps a negative differential resistance characteristics, ballasts are necessary to prevent the current passing through the tube from rising too high. Ballasts used for this purpose are inductive, meaning they store current in a magnetic field. Other types of ballasts can function more like resistors or capacitors, or some combination of all three.

Modern ballasts are electronic, using solid state technology to provide proper operating conditions needed to power the lamps. They are usually smaller and more efficient than their magnetic counterparts, and may allow dimming using pulse-width modulation technology and high frequency adjustments.

Electronic Fluorescent Series Image
  • Multi-Voltage Ballasts Support 2 to 4 Lamps
  • Instant, Rapid, or Program Start
  • Class P Type 1 Outdoor Rating
  • 98% Minimum Power Factor
  • Class A Sound Rating
HID Series Image
  • Designed to Operate for 60,000 Hours of Continuous Operation at Their Maximum Rated Temperature
  • Designed in Accordance with All Applicable ANSI Specifications including ANSI C82.4
  • Multiple Line Voltage Options from 120 V to 480 V
  • Power 50 to 1500 Watt Lamps
  • UL Component Recognized
CFL Series Image
  • One or Two Lamps per Ballast
  • Minimum Power Factor of 97%
  • Class P Type 1 Outdoor
  • Class A Sound Rating
Howard Electronic Compact Fluorescent ballasts offer first-rate performance and solid reliability. All models are UL certified and feature program start, universal voltage (120-277v), bottom or side entry terminal blocks, color-coded wiring, and end of lamp life protection, backed by a five-year warranty. Howard CF electronic ballasts are available in thirteen (EP2/13CF/MV/K), eighteen (EP2/18CF/MV/K), twenty-six (EP2/26CF/MV/K2), and forty-two (EP2/42CF/MV/K2) wattages, making them ideal for a wide variety of compact fluorescent lamp applications.
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