Manual Motor Protectors

XTMMP Series Image
  • Rated up to 100 Amps
  • UL, CSA, and CE Approvals
  • Up to 63 HP @ 240V 3PH
  • Up to 63 HP @ 480V 3PH
  • DIN Rail Mountable
Eaton's new XT family of manual motor protectors (MMPs) features a pushbutton or rotary ON/OFF manual disconnect, Class 10 adjustable bimetallic overload relay, and fixed magnetic short-circuit trip capability in one compact unit. Two frame sizes are available: Frame B (45 mm) for motors with FLA ratings up to 32A and Frame D (55 mm) covers motor FLA ratings up to 63A.
  • Finger-Safe IP20 Protection
  • Wide Range of Accessories Available
MS Series Image
  • Rated up to 100 Amps
  • Up to 40 HP @ 240V 3PH
  • Up to 75 HP @ 480V 3PH
  • UL, CSA, CE Approvals
  • DIN Rail Mount
The ABB MS Series Manual Motor Protectors provide highly efficient motor protection up to 100 Amps. The short circuit breaking capacity of these devices can reach up to 100 kA depending on the MMP type used, without the need for any special upstream protection. These Manual Motor Protectors are designed to be easily coordinated with various other components from ABB.
  • IP20 Protection
  • Wide Range of Accessories Available
MPW Series Image
  • Rated up to 100 Amps
  • Up to 30 HP @ 230V 3PH
  • Up to 75 HP @ 460V 3PH
  • UL, cUL, and CE Approvals
  • DIN Rail Mountable
WEG MPW25 Manual Motor Protectors are the state-of-the-art products available for worldwide market. With the latest technology and design, you'll find how easy is to save panel space and face almost any application in motor control. Built in a very compact frame size, WEG's Manual Motor Protectors combine short circuit and motor overload protections in just one component. These devices include a three-position rotary ON-TRIP-OFF handle, which can be padlocked in the OFF position.
WEG Manual Motor Protectors are designed for DIN rail mounting. Lugs for direct panel mounting are also available as an accessory.
  • Overload Protection - Trip Class 10
  • Phase Loss Sensitivity
  • Disconnect Function
  • Temperature Compensation from -25...+60C (-13...+140F)
  • Adjustable Current Setting for Overload Protection
Manual motor starters are electromechanical protection devices for the main circuit. They are used mainly to switch motors manually ON/OFF and protect them fuse less against short-circuit, overload and phase failures.
Fuse less protection with a manual motor starter saves costs, space and ensures a quick reaction under short-circuit condition, by switching off the motor within milliseconds. Fuse less starter combinations are setup together with contactors.
  • Suitable for Three- and Single-Phase Application
  • Trip-Free Mechanism
  • Status Indication
  • Clear Switch Position Indication ON/OFF/TRIP
  • Lockable Handle
PKZM0 Series Image
The proven PKZM0 switches motors from 0.16 to 32 A. The short-circuit breaking capacity is now rated to 150 kA up to 12 A and 50 kA up to 32 A. The PKZM 4 also has a breaking capacity up to 50 kA. With this, current limiters become almost unnecessary. These motor-protective circuit-breakers are matched to the DIL contactor series, which is ideal for the configuration of motor-starter combinations.
MSSP Series Image
  • Single Phase Manual Starter
  • HP 120V 1PH: 1 Horsepower
  • HP 230/240V 1PH: 1 Horsepower
  • UL; CSA Approvals
  • Starting, Overload Protection of Small Motors
Manual, single-phase starters used for small motors in fans, pumps, unit heater stokers, and refrigeration compressors. Allows for manual starting with use of a switch attached to the starter.
SM1P Series Image
  • Push button control
  • Up to 40A with width of just 45mm
  • Suitable for modular panels
  • UL508 certified (manual motor controller)
  • Padlockable in OFF position
  • EN 45545 compliant plastic materials (railway applications)
  • IEC/EN 60335 compliant plastic materials (domestic applications).
LMS25 Series Image
  • Thirteen Adjustment Ranges from 0.1 A to 25 A
  • 100,000/100,000 Cycle Electrical/Mechanical Life
  • Magnetic Trip Indicator
  • DIN Rail Mounting
  • IP20 Protection
The LMS25 manual motor starter is particularly suitable for controlling small operating machines. Releases and auxiliary contacts also make it suitable for more complex uses. The LMS25 manual motor starter is suitable for isolation according to IEC/EN 60947 standards. Wall and flush-mount enclosures allow installation of the LMS25 starter in the most disparate environmental conditions (dust, humidity, aggressive environmental agents, etc.).
GPS Series Image
  • A full complement of accessories create solutions for all types of applications
  • cUL approved
  • UL approved
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