Enclosure Heaters


Enclosure Heaters
Enclosure Heaters
Enclosure heaters are compact electric heaters designed specifically to maintain warmer temperatures within enclosures.

Installing a heater within an enclosure is recommended to protect electronic components from condensation, or when ambient temperatures must be maintained above a minimum value. Both functions are ideal in environments where ambient temperatures can drop rapidly, to save critical components from corrosion or freezing.

These small heaters often use a chimney-style design to distribute heat evenly, and many heaters are equipped with fans to assist natural convection. Enclosure thermostats, installed separately, control heaters and help maintain desired temperatures.

  • Idea for electrical enclosures
  • Provides for fast and even distribution of heat
  • Comes in several sizes, ideal for heating a wide range of enclosure sizes
  • UL, cUL recognized
  • Can be used in extreme conditions
  • Ball bearing fan guarantees long service life
  • Shock and vibration tested against rolling shock, ideal for Railway applications
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