Photoelectric switches, also called photocells, are sensors that detect the presence of light. When exposed to ambient light or darkness, photocell solutions are able to switch lighting loads connected to lighting controllers.

Photocells are most commonly used to provide dusk-to-dawn lighting control for security, task, or landscape lighting. Many switches also offer delay action, which eliminates loads switching on or off due to brief changes in ambient light conditions, like car headlights or lightning.

The automatic switching nature of the photocell contributes significantly to energy savings, as lights can be turned on or off automatically, only when absolutely needed.

K Series Image
  • Delay action eliminates load switching OFF due to car headlights, and lightning
  • Sonic welded polycarbonate housing and lens to seal out moisture
  • Controls come with a washer gasket and locking nut
  • M Models are heavy duty die cast housings
  • Light level slide adjustment
  • Cadmium sulfide photocell
The photo controls provide automatic switching for outdoor lighting loads. They are designed with built-in delay to ensure that the controlled lighting does not switch off due to ambient or light striking the photocell.
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