Power Distribution Blocks

Power Distribution Blocks
Power Distribution Blocks
Power distribution blocks are the simplest way to provide a fixed junction point to split primary power into secondary circuits. Designed for panels, power blocks come with a variety of mounting options and simple input/output configurations.

Power distribution blocks are built to support a fixed number of poles, and accept usually 1 or 2 primary inputs per pole. Depending on the component, the number of outputs per pole can reach up to 30 concurrent connections on the load side.

With support for standard line voltage ratings, high current ratings, modularity, and the effective combination of distribution blocks and circuit breakers, power distribution blocks can increase the short circuit current rating of a panel without sacrificing panel space and flexibility.

EPB Series Image
  • High-Strength thermoplastic or Phenolic insulator construction
  • Optional hinged covers.
  • Aluminum or copper connectors.
  • Panel or DIN rail mounting for easy application.
MPDB Series Image
  • Adder Poles
  • Wire Connectors
  • Insulators
  • Spacings
  • Safety Covers
Mersen power distribution blocks provide a safe and easy method of splicing cables,
splitting primary power into secondary circuits and fulfilling requirements for fixed
junction tap-off points. All blocks are UL and CSA approved while meeting spacing
requirements for feeder and branch circuits in conjunction with UL508A and the National
Electrical Code. PDB options include single or dual conductor primary inputs and up to
30 secondary outputs. Specialty blocks are available allowing for up to 7 primary inputs.
The MPDB series is offered in three size categories: miniature (MPDB62 and MPDB63
series), intermediate (MPDB66 and MPDB67 series), and large (MPDB68 and MPDB69
series), in both aluminum and copper.
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