Power Supplies

Power Supplies
Power Supplies
A power supply is an electrical device that supplies power to an electrical load. The power supply draws current from an input power source like main power lines, batteries, fuels cells, and generators, and delivers the correct voltage, current and frequency to the load.

Power supplies can be standalone, or built into the load they power. Standalone supplies like benchtop units, inverters and converters typically limit main line current to safe levels before delivering power to the load. Built-in units perform similar functions for desktop computers and other consumer electronics devices.

Power supply units can deliver AC or DC power, convert from one signal to the other, regulate current, voltage, and frequency, provide overload protection, and provide an uninterruptible source of power in the event of lost source power.

SDN-C Series Image
  • Highly Efficient Switching Technology
  • Active Power Factor Correction
  • Patented DIN Rail Mounting Clip
  • Parallel Capability Standard
  • High MTBF
The SDN-C DIN rail power supplies are the next generation of the popular SDN series. These models combine high efficiency and compact size with new visual diagnostic LEDs to offer the most performance available from SolaHD. Essential industrial features such as Sag Immunity, Power Factor Correction, and universal voltage input have been retained in this series. Wide temperature operating range and parallel operation capability make the new SDN-C units suitable to a variety of industrial applications.
PSG Series Image
  • General-Purpose 12 VDC and 24 VDC Adjustable Output
  • Overvoltage/Overcurrent/Over-Temperature Protections
  • Heavy-duty Screw and Finger-safe Terminals
  • MTBF up to 1,000,000 hours Ensures Uptime and Reliability
Eaton’s PSG Series of power supplies is designed to be a high-performance, highquality line of products covering a majority of 12 VDC and 24 VDC control applications. With global certifications, a compact size and an impressive operating temperature range, the PSG Series fits a wide variety of applications at a competitive price. The PSG Series is a line of general-purpose power supplies for use in a wide variety of industrial control applications. Applications include communication networks, sensors, PLCs and many other electrical systems.
Charge Pro Series Image
  • Designed For Harsh Marine and Industrial Environments – Moisture, Salt, Shock and Vibration Tested
  • Meets Global Industry Standards Including UL, CSA, ABYC, FCC, California Efficiency Regulations (CEC)
  • Outputs Can Be Put In Series or Parallel for Higher Voltage or Current
  • Universal Input 120/230V for Go-Anywhere Freedom
  • Microprocessor Controlled for Accurate Charging
  • Non-Corroding Housing for Ultimate Reliability
  • For Use with Flooded or AGM Batteries
  • Completely Sealed, Epoxy Filled
  • Isolated Outputs
  • IP68 Waterproof
These new onboard chargers have the same housing and mounting dimensions as our traditional Charge Pro® Guest chargers with a number of performance enhancements.
DIMENSION Series Image
  • DC/DC Converter, Isolated Output
  • 24V Input, 12V Output
  • Efficiency Up To 90.2%
  • Negligibly Low Input Inrush Current
  • Width Only 32mm
The Dimension CD-Series offer DIN-rail DC/DC converters in the 92-120W output power range in a very compact housing. These DC/DC converters are allowed to run with a battery or similar sources or can also be used to refresh and stabilize the 24Vdc on the end of long cable runs. The basic units include all the essential basic functions while the -S1 version is equipped with quick-connect spring clamp terminals, a DC-OK-contact which monitors the output and an input-low-relay-contact. The -L1 version additionally fulfills the NEC Class 2 requirements. All devices except the CD5.241-L1 have a PowerBoost of 20% incorporated. This extra power can even be used continuously up to +45°C.
  • Soft-Start Function Included
  • Full Power Between -25°C and +60°C
  • Low Voltage Drop Between Input and Output
  • Constant Output Voltage In Buffer Mode
  • 24V and 48V Buffer Units To Bridge Power Failures
  • 24V DC-UPS to Bridge Longer Power Failures
  • Comprehensive Monitoring and Signaling Functions
The U-series offers DC power supplies and UPS (Uninteruptable Power Supplies). The UPS is a back up supply for power failures, and outages. These units are lightweight and come equipped with one of two battery sizes.
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