Safety Mats

Safety Mats
Safety Mats
A safety mat is a pressure-sensitive safeguarding product that can detect the presence of workers and as they approach the area surrounding a hazardous machine.

Presence sensing safety equipment is ideal for applications where personnel quickly need to access hazardous areas without personal risk. Welding stations, stamping machines, hydraulic presses, packaging equipment and more will automatically shut off when the safety mat detects nearby personnel as the step on the mat.

The mat is composed to two conductive plates held apart by a non-conductive, compressible separator. When a person or object puts pressure on the mat, the separator compresses to allow the conductive plates to come together and send a control signal to the machine.

JSNA-B Series Image
  • Resistant to Common Oils and Chemicals
  • Flame and Water Resistant
  • 24 Volt, 1/2 Amp AC or DC
  • No Joining Strips Required
  • Hermetically Sealed
The Safety Mat is used as personal protection within the dangerous areas around presses, robots, production lines, machines etc. When connected to a suitable monitoring system stepping on the Safety Mat will immediately be detected causing dangerous machine movements to be stopped. This is made possible by the detection of electrical contacts closing within the sandwich construction of the Mat.
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