Safety Switches

Safety Switches
Safety Switches
A safety switch, or disconnect switch, serves as a disconnect means for service entrances and fault protection for heavy machinery. The safety switch disconnects equipment from its power power source and permits safe entry for repairs, maintenance or emergencies.

Safety switches work by monitoring current in a circuit. If the switch detects a fault in the circuit, the switch will instantaneously shut off power to the circuit or device. Safety switches can detect electrical leak, short-circuits, overload, and even equipment failure.

A safety switch can also be triggered by operators or technicians when they open an access panel or guard door for equipment maintenance. When the door is opened, the switch automatically shuts off power to connected equipment and will not reset until the door is closed.

PSENMAG Series Image
  • Non-Contact Magnetic Operation
  • Round or Square Body Types
  • Single or Series Connection
  • IP65/IP67 or IP69k Protection
  • UL; cUL; ATEX Approvals
PSENmag switches can be used for applications in which the risk analysis specifies a high category, where there is heavy soiling or where strict hygiene regulations need to be met. For applications in which it is difficult to align the gates accurately, where machine gates are subject to a high level of vibration and where large tolerances are required on start up, PSENmag switches are the right choice. As the process is running, they ensure that the machine operates provided the safety gate is closed. If the movable guard is opened, they work in conjunction with Pilz evaluation devices to ensure that the machine is shut down quickly. Together they provide a complete solution that's safe and approved, all from one source.
  • Cost-Effective
  • Mechanically Non-Wearing - Long Service Life
  • Insensitive to Shock and Vibration
PSENMECH Series Image
  • Mechanical Operation
  • Radius or Standard Actuators
  • Guard Locking Types Available
  • IP65/IP67 Protection
  • UL; cUL Approvals
PSENmech mechanical safety switches are suitable for safe monitoring of a movable guard. They are triggered if the guards are opened, and the hazardous machine movement is stopped via a Pilz evaluation device. Using increased extraction force on the actuator, PSENmech safety switches prevent the safety gate from being opened unintentionally. They comply with the standard EN 1088 (protection against defeat) due to their coded actuators. PSENmech safety switches with guard locking ensure that the safety gate is interlocked (guard locking) until the hazardous production process is complete. They can also prevent production from being interrupted as a result of unauthorized access.
  • Robust Design for Long Service Life
  • Suitable for a Variety of Applications
PSENCODE Series Image
  • Non-Contact Coded Operation
  • Highest Degree of Manipulation Protection
  • Environmental Protection from IP65 to IP69k
  • UL and cUL Approvals
  • Optional ATEX approval
PSENcode safety switches offer a complete, co-ordinated solution that's economical and safe. The safety switch and actuator work together in such a way that the enable condition from the safety device is only triggered if the actuating element is within the switch's response range and the code number on the actuator matches that of the switch. Connecting several PSENcode switches in series, up to Category 4. Two versions of this key lock principle are available: one for use with any actuator or one with an actuator that is uniquely assigned to the PSEncode.
  • Mechanically Non-Wearing - Long Service Life
  • Insensitive to Shock and Vibration
TP Series Image
  • Electrical or Mechanical Guard Locking
  • Optional Escape Release from the Rear
  • Contacts Monitor both Door Position and Locking State
  • Adjustable Actuator Head for Multiple Approach Directions
  • Protection Ratings IP65 or IP67
Due to its die-cast aluminum housing and the high degree of protection, the TP Series safety switch can withstand even extreme ambient conditions. Like the switches TP and STP, the safety switch STA also has guard locking and guard lock monitoring. The TP Series has a narrow profile thermoplastic housing with many variations to meet a variety of different needs.
Thanks to their slim design, series TP safety switches are ideal for universal mounting on profile rails.
  • Same Drilling Pattern as GP and STP Series
  • Eleven Different Switching Contact Configurations
  • Auxiliary Unlocking Mechanism on Front
  • Sturdy Switch
  • Economical Sensor Often Used in Robotic Arm Position Applications
  • UL, CSA Approved
  • IP67 Rated
  • Applications: Packaging Machines, Food Processing Machines, Waste Compactors, Mixers, Blenders and Dryers
  • Left or Right Cable Exit Available
PSENSLOCK Series Image
  • Non-Contact Coded Operation
  • Holding Force to 1000 Newtons
  • High Degree of Manipulation Protection
  • Diagnostic Interface with 4 LEDs
  • IP67 Protection
The PSENslock non-contact safety gate system from Pilz offers a safe alternative to existing mechanical technology. PSENslock combines secure safety gate monitoring and a non-contact magnetic interlock within one unit. With this combination of safe position monitoring and process guard locking, PSENslock can be used universally for right or left-hinged swing gates and sliding gates, and is particularly suitable for use on movable guards. With an electromagnetic holding force of 500 or 1000 Newtons, the PSENslock prevents swing gates and sliding gates from being opened unintentionally. The actuator is manipulation-proof, providing added safety. With its compact design, the process guard-locking device is extremely suitable for mounting on to standard 45 mm profiles.
PSENslock is designed for applications up to SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 62061, Category 4 in accordance with EN 954-1 and protection type IP67. In terms of a complete solution, PSENslock can be connected to all Pilz evaluation devices.
  • Mechanically Non-Wearing - Long Service Life
  • Ideal for Rugged Industrial Applications
  • Insensitive to Dust and Water
NM-VZA Series Image
  • Non-Locking Mechanical Safety Switch
  • Five Contact Configurations
  • Adjustable Actuator Head for Multiple Approach Directions
  • Three Connection Options Including M12 Four-Pin Receptacles
  • Protection Rating IP67
The NM-VZA Series of plastic-encapsulated safety switches are used for monitoring the position of safety guards and moving machine components. The easy adjustability of the actuating head in four approach directions permits maximum flexibility. Two basic housings are available. These switches have positive opening contacts (in accordance to NFPA 79) and redundancy to guarantee that they fail to a safe state. The compact design as well as the possibility of installation in any position mean that NM-VZA Series switches can be integrated in all automation and assembly fields.
  • Convenient Surface Mounting
  • Rugged Construction for Long Life
  • UL, ULC Approved
  • IP67 Rated
  • Mounting Brackets Available for Gates, Garage Doors, Freezers
TZ Series Image
  • Electrical or Mechanical Guard Locking
  • Holding Force up to 2000 Newtons
  • Contacts Monitor both Door Position and Locking State
  • Optional Escape Release
  • Protection Rating IP65 or IP67
The metal TZ Series safety switch has become a standard within the machining industries and is always evolving with each new innovation to safety switches. Its wide range of features makes the TZ Series suitable for almost any application.
These switches have positive opening contacts (in accordance to NFPA 79) and redundancy to guarantee that they fail to a safe state.
  • Available with Threaded Cable Entry or Plug Adapter
  • Optional Connector for Enabling Switch
  • Designed for use in Installation where a Small, Sealed Unit is Required
  • Reed Switch is Totally Encapsulated in a Polyurethane Potting Compound
  • UL, ULC Approved
  • IP67 Rated
  • Applications: Convenient Surface Mounting, Mounting Screws Included
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