HVAC Sensors


HVAC Sensors
HVAC Sensors
An HVAC sensor is any device used to measure the conditions of an enclosed space, room or building. HVAC sensors include thermostats, humidistats, carbon dioxide sensors, pressure sensors and more.

HVAC sensors are connected to equipment and regulate air quality. Thermostats measure temperature, switching on and off heaters and air conditioners so that measured temperature matches a predetermined setpoint. Humidistats measure humidity and work with thermostats and heaters to protect equipment from condensation and corrosion. Carbon dioxide sensors monitor the quality of the air and regulate fresh air with ventilation adjustments. Pressure sensors monitor and adjust air flow.

HVAC sensors are ultimately responsible for the efficiency of the entire HVAC system and the overall air quality of the environment.

264 Series Image
  • Up to 10 PSI Overpressure
  • Reverse Wiring Protection
  • Internal Regulation Permits Use With Unregulated DC Power Supplies
With millions of sensors installed world wide, Setra’s 264 is the standard for low differential pressure measurement in HVAC building automation. The 264 very low differential pressure transducer uses a dead-ended stainless steel welded capacitive sensing element that requires minimal amplification and delivers excellent accuracy and longterm stability in critical installations. The 264 has a 3 year, unconditional warranty, giving the end-user peace of mind well beyond the initial commissioning phase and guarantees performance well after the BAS warranty. The 264 utilizes a robust design that offers brass barbed fittings, and an optional conduit cover for easy and consistent installation.
231 Series Image
  • Hinged Cover
  • 4 Field Selectable Outputs
  • Field Accessible Push-Button Zero and Remote Zero
Setra’s 231 is a multi-configurable, wet-to-wet differential pressure transducer offering the user an all-in-one device with field selectable pressure ranges and analog outputs. The device is offered with an optional 3 or 5 valve machined brass manifold for ease of installation and maintenance. The 231 has a robust, NEMA 4 enclosure with a hinged, captive cover allowing for easy access to switches for adjusting the range and output. An optional display is available that allows users to view high, low, and differential pressure readings on a simple rotating cycle.
265 Series Image
  • Internal Regulation
  • Voltage or Analog Outputs
  • Fire Retardant Case
Setra’s Model 265 is a lower price solution that offers an excellent price to performance ratio and meets the requirements in all typical HVAC applications. The 265 is a low differential pressure transducer that uses a dead-ended capacitive sensing element that requires minimal amplification and delivers excellent accuracy and longterm stability. It delivers ±1% FS accuracy with ±0.25% and ±0.5% accuracy options with pressure ranges from 0.25” W.C. up to 100” W.C. The 265 has a small footprint, an AC power option and an optional conduit cover that allows for simple, secure installation for any applications.
230 Series Image
  • No Liquid Fill Diaphragm
  • Low Line Pressure Effect
  • Gas and Liquid Compatible
The Model 230 is Setra’s highest accuracy solution for monitoring differential pressure in wet-to-wet applications. Its single diaphragm design enables a true wet-to-wet differential pressure measurement with superior ±0.25% FS accuracy compared to competitive units which calculate differential pressure using two single point pressure sensors. The stainless steel capacitive sensor provides a highly accurate, linear analog output proportional to the pressure over a wide temperature range. The 230 is offered with an optional 3 or 5 valve machined brass manifold for ease of installation and maintenance.
267 Series Image
  • Optional Static Pressure Probe
  • 24 VAC or 24 VDC Excitation
  • PG-9, PG-13 or Conduit Electrical Termination
Setra’s Model 267 is the most rugged high accuracy, low differential pressure transducer on the market. It delivers accuracies of ±1% FS (without display), ±0.5% FS (with display), and optional ±0.25% FS and ±0.4% FS accuracies, and pressure ranges from 0.1” W.C. up to 100” W.C. The 267 is housed in a robust, NEMA 4 rated enclosure and has an optional static pressure probe reducing installation and material costs. The 267 is offered with an optional LCD display and a standard accuracy of ±0.5% making it ideal for high accuracy Pharmaceutical applications.
269 Series Image
  • Security Key Required for Calibration
  • Fire Retardant Case
  • Enhanced Thermal Performance
Setra’s Model 269 transducer is the highest accuracy solution for monitoring differential pressure in critical environments. Its 0.25% accuracy is calibrated using the “End Point Method” which improves linearity when compared to competitive transducers which use the “Best Fit Straight Line” method. The 269’s calibration is tamper proof by utilizing a removable process head that eliminates inadvertent adjustments while allowing in-situ calibrations without removing the process tubing. Calibrations can be performed automatically when performed with Setra’s MicroCal outfitted with an expert system. The 269 offers multiple mounting configurations, including DIN rail, for quicker and easier installation.
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