DT-900 Series Image
  • External Trigger & Clock Output
  • Brightest Flash of Any Strobe in Its Class
  • Removable Battery with Long Run Time per Charge
  • Phase Shift Mode for Full Inspection of Gears and Rolls
  • Easy Adjust Dial for Flash Rates, Quick Button Push for x2 & 2 Adjustment
The TechStrobe from Shimpo Instruments Is the Perfect Tool for Slow Motion or Stop Action Stroboscopic Inspection. The Shimpo TechStrobe Is the Only Palm Size Unit to Include a Phase Shift Feature. Phase Shifting Allows the TechStrobe Operator to Advance or Retard the Flash Timing by Degrees of Angle, without Changing the Actual Flash Rate (FPM) of the TechStrobe. Employing Its Unique Phase Shifting Feature, the TechStrobe "Freezes" Rotating or Reciprocating Machinery for Visual Inspection of Covered Gear Teeth, Shafts, Oil/Fuel/Ink Injector Patterns, and Print Media; All without Stopping Production. The TechStrobe Is Completely Portable and Operates up to 2.5 Hours at 1600 FPM from Its Detachable, Rechargeable Battery.
ST-1000 Series Image
  • Flash Range of 60-40,000 RPM
  • Has an Accuracy of +/-0.05% FS
  • Has a 5 Digit Display with Backlight
  • Power Supply Requires 4 AA Batteries
  • The Housing Is Composed of ABS Plastic
This Velocity Analyzing and Measuring Device Is Ideal for Rotational Machine Inspection. The Stroboscope Is Capable of Flashing the Light in a Synchronous Frequency to the Operating Machinery, Creating the Illusion of Viewing Stopped or Slowed Images. Utilizing This Phenomenon of Slowing or Stopping the Motion with the Adjusted Rate of the ST-1000's Flashing Light, Machine Parts and Processes May Be Inspected for Defects. Plus, the Rotational Speed of the Machinery and Systems May Be Recorded for Further Performance Analysis.
ST-320BL Series Image
  • Long-Life Black Light LED Operation for UV Ink Applications
  • Input Sensor Trigger Function Allows Process Machinery to Control Flash Rate
  • Adjustable Flash Pulse Duration Achieves Sharper Images for Detailed Inspection
  • Phase Shift Advances or Retards Flash Timing for Viewing Gear Teeth, Cutting Surfaces, Repeats Or "Drifting" Images
  • Delay Time Adjustment Combined with Leading or Trailing Edge Activation Simplifies Process Set-Up When Using External Signal Input
Utilizing Super Bright High-Powered Black Light LED Lamps, These Stroboscopes Are Perfect for UV Ink Printing Applications. The ST-320BL's LED Array Provides a Bright, Stable Strobe Light over a Wide Measurement Range with a Lifetime Far Exceeding Xenon Lit Stroboscopes. Operation Is Simple with the 8 Button Keypad and Quick Rate Adjustment Dial, Combined with Large, Backlit LCD Display. Phase Shift, Flash Duration, plus Flash Rate Are All Quickly Adjustable. The Unit Can Work off User Adjusted Flash Frequency or from a Remote Sensor's Signal Which Will Automatically Adjust to Corresponding Process Fluctuations.
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