Tape is a backing material coated with an adhesive, used to create a bond or seal between two or more objects.

There are dozens of tape varieties that provide different results depending on the intended use of the tape. For example, box tape is used for sealing corrugated boxes. Duct tape is backed by a woven fabric and coated with rubber or plastic, and can be designed to resist heat, water, or be cleanly removed depending on the application. Electrical tape is made of vinyl and used to insulate wires. Other examples include aluminum tape, foam tape, teflon tape, cork tape and more.

Tape is generally available in rolls that can be up to several hundred feet long, and as wide as 3 inches across.

Electrical Tape Series Image
  • Made from Low-Lead PVC Material
  • For Applications up to 600 V
  • Temp Rating up to 80 C (176 F)
Quality electrical tape designed for general purpose electrical applications.
Self Sealing Tape Series Image
  • Silicone Tape Provides Permanent Mold in 24 Hrs, or in Minutes with Application of Heat
  • Fuses to Itself during Application to Stay Watertight
  • Insulates and Seals Surfaces
High quality tape to insulate many conductor shapes.
ALUMINUM Series Image
  • Used to secure cable placement in gutters.
  • Aluminum foil installation tape
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive
  • 180 ft. roll
Friction Tape Series Image
  • Matted Finish Provides the Best Gripping Surface Available
  • Use over Electrical Splices, Wrapping Grips or Sporting Goods
  • Available in Two Lengths: 30' or 60'
Black friction tape with matted finish, available in two lengths.
Liquid Tape Series Image
  • Waterproof, will not unravel or deteriorate like traditional tape
  • Great for home, auto/marine and electrical applications
  • Brush-on applicator included
  • Indoor/outdoor
A liquid coating used to insulate and protect electrical splices and connections.
Repair Tape Series Image
  • A Permanent Air and Water Tight Seal, Repair Tape Has Excellent UV Resistance
  • Stretches up to 300% of Its Original Length with 60 ppi Tear Strength
  • Operates and Remains Flexible from -60F (-51C) to 500F (260C)
  • Repair Tape Begins to Bond Immediately on Contact with Itself
Repair Tape fuses only to itself when applied under tension. No sticky residue remains on wrapped surfaces.
Spray Liquid Tape Series Image
  • Great for Home, Auto/Marine and Electrical Applications
  • Waterproof, Will Not Unravel
  • Spray Can Application
  • Indoor/Outdoor
The IDEAL line of premium vinyl electrical tape provides superior performance over a wide range of temperatures up to 105C. Suitable for wide temperature extremes, from cold weather applications as low as -18C. With blue core technology that provides high elasticity, that is flame retardant, high UV resistant that is impervious to water, oil, acids, alkalis and a wide variety of corrosive chemicals. Primary for insulation for splices up to 600V. Brought to you by IDEAL Electrical, your manufacturer of choice.
Cloth Duct Tape Series Image
MARS is committed to supply high quality tape products to the HVACR industry. MARS offers 5 grades of the most popular duct tapes for a wide variety of applications.
MARS #79070 is the tape of choice for professional contractors. This double-calendered adhesive system is designed to meet the most rigorous demands of HVAC and asbestos removal specialists. Also available in black.
MARS #79072 and 79073 are recommended for use in many heating, air conditioning, ventilating and refrigeration applications.
MARS #79074 and 79075 has an excellent adhesion for a wide variety of surfaces. Excellent for most industrial applications.
MARS econo grade is an all around economical duct tape product for binding, patching and repair applications.
MARS #79088 is a heavy duty printed duct tape used to seal metal duct work, fiberglass insulations and to cover thermal insulations. Will not twist or curl during application. Meets UL723. Max temp 200F with 4-1/2 repeat.
Cork Tape Series Image
MARS Cork Tape is ozone resistant and specially designed for all types of climate. It insulates cold pipes for all kinds of air conditioners, freezers, and refrigerators. Cork Tape helps stop condensation problems. It is ideal for retarding heat gain in cold pipes and prevents heat loss in hot pipes. Can also be used for gasketing purposes. MARS Cork Tape sticks to all kinds of dry metals. This flexible tape seals tightly without drying. Temperature range: - 20F to 200F / -29C to 93C.
Cork tape is made from virgin cork specially imported from Portugal & Spain and has the following characteristics:
  • Compared to other cork tapes - our cork tape features rubber/asphalt & 100% virgin cork instead of asbestos / saw dust as used by other manufacturers.
  • The width is always 2 wide unlike other brands where size varies from 1-3/4 - 2.
  • Very good adhesion property. It sticks on the metal pipe tightly and does not come out in one piece if unwrapped.
  • A wide service temperature range -29 F - +200F
  • Once installed the outer surface dries creating a shield against unwanted dust and dirt while the inner side remains wet. So even after a year or two, the user can remove the cork tape and reapply elsewhere without any change in the properties of the tape.
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