A timer is a device used for measurement, display and control in applications and processes that rely heavily on timed events. They often work with one or two input signals, processing values during set intervals.

Programmable timers are used in manufacturing and process applications to control batch lot size, regulate punching or drilling frequency, regulate flow rate, trigger alarms and control outputs, measure equipment runtimes and cycling times, and much more.

Modern timers are typically equipped with digital displays, offer extreme precision and accuracy, and can reset quickly. The time duration many modern timers can monitor or measure during a process can reach thousands of hours. Many of these timers are used to automatically control machine cycles, sequence events and detect equipment malfunctions.

HP5 Reset Timer Series Image
  • 5 Seconds ~ 60 Hours
  • 120 VAC or 240 VAC
  • Screw Terminals
  • Surface Mount
  • UL; CSA; FM Approvals
The HP5 CYCL-FLEX series timer is a high quality, synchronous motor driven reset timer housed in the standard CYCL-FLEX plug-in housing. There are 16 standard time ranges from 5 seconds to 60 hours. Knob adjustable time ranges - progress pointer for each. Red progress pointer displays remaining time interval. Pilot light indicates when timer motor is energized. 15 terminal ABS molded housing has high impact resistance and will not support combustion.
365C Series Image
  • Keeps track of the set point throughout the time cycle
  • Positive reset time and pulse length
  • Wide range
  • Programmable display
  • Noise immunity
  • Reliability and ruggedness
  • Compact, plug-in and dust-tight
  • Self diagnostics
The ATC 365C is the latest generation in the popular long-ranger timer series.The microprocessor-based digital timer is equipped with three rotary knobs for setting and adjustment of the Preset.The Preset can be any three-digit value from .01 SEC to 999 HR.The Decimal and Range are switch selectable.The high-intensity blue vacuum fluorescent display is DIP switch selectable to Timeup or Timedown.Two heavy-duty 7A DPDT relays provide instantaneous,interval or delayed output control.Plug-in panel mounting allows easy replacement without the removal of field wiring.
655 Series Image
  • 120 VAC or 240 VAC
  • Two Timing Modes
  • Five Timing Ranges
  • Simple Keypad Time Setting
  • Direct Replacement for Electromechanical Timers
The ATC Model 655 timer is an electronic control that will retrofit most round case electromechanical timers. The control performs the same timing modes (ON-Delay or Reverse Start Delay) as electromechanical units, and it is capable of timing ranges from 1 millisecond to 199 hours 59 minutes. On the bottom inside of the control are DIP switches which can be set, in seconds, to establish the timing mode and time range. Our unit will plug into competitive mounted cases without wiring changes in most instances. Remove the electromechanical timer, set ours, plug it into the electromechanical timer case and you're ready to run. DIP switch setting instructions for electromechanical timers are supplied with 655 installation instructions.
B856 Multi-Function Series Image
  • 0.01 Seconds ~ 9999 Hours
  • 24~240 VAC or 24 VDC
  • 11 Pin Termination
  • DIN Rail / Panel Mount
  • UL; cUL; CE Approvals
The B856 multi-function timer features the precision of digital setting, versatile functionality, and a straightforward button per digit interface. It can be easily programmed to perform any standard timing operation: On-Delay, Off-Delay, Interval, or Repeat Cycle. Five selectable time ranges, and a programmable decimal point provide preset times ranging from .01 seconds 9999 hours.
  • NEMA 4/IP65
  • Compact 1/16 DIN Package
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