Power Strips


Power Strips
Power Strips
A power strip is a block of electrical sockets that allows multiple devices to be powered from one single main-line power socket. They are typically plugged into the wall and used when many electrical devices are in close proximity to one another.

Power strips typically include a cable and mains plug, a circuit breaker, a master switch, and built-in surge protectors. The power strip draws electricity from the main power supply, delivers power to several devices plugged into each socket, and protects equipment from overload and short circuits. Strips with surge protection limit peak voltage, achieving additional protective effects.

Power strips vary by shape and size, outlet orientation, the maximum power output of strip, and other features like trip capacity and peak voltage rating.

Industrial/Commercial Series Image
  • Up to 24 Outlets
  • Up to 15 ft Long Power Cord
  • Suppression Rating of up to 2,100 Joules
  • RoHS Compliant
Industrial/Commercial series surge protectors and power strips offer a convenient method of power distribution and surge suppression in workbench, wall mount or floor mount applications. Corded, multi-outlet strip reduces cable clutter and enables the connection of multiple electrical devices to a single AC wall socket. Features either all-metal housing or plastic housing, circuit breaker and attractive blue/gray or gray color scheme.
Standard Series Image
  • Up to 10 Outlets
  • Suppression Rating of Up to 3,345 Joules
  • Up to 15 Amp Capacity Circuit Breaker
  • Plastic and Metal Housing
  • RoHS Compliant
Tripp Lite's Standard Series offers AC surge suppression for workstations, desktop PCs, telecom systems, home stereos, televisions, VCRs, DVD players and other sensitive electronics. Built-in AC surge suppression shields connected equipment from damage and performance problems due to transient surges.
Mobile Series Image
  • 2 Outlets/Direct Plug-In
  • 1050 Joule Rating
  • Retractable Plug
  • Modem/Fax Surge Protection
Tripp-Liteís portable traveler surge suppressor offers complete AC and phone line surge suppression. A compact housing weighing less than 4 ounces makes it easy to fit into a laptop travel case. The fail-safe thermal fusing protects against fire and other damage in the event of an extreme overvoltage or surge condition. LEDís confirm outlet grounding and status.
Audio/Video Series Image
  • Up to 10 Outlets
  • Suppression Rating of up to 3,840 Joules
  • Up to 8 ft Long Power Cord
  • RoHS Compliant
Tripp Lite's Audio/Video series Surge Protectors provide high-performance protection stopping damaging surges and filtering disruptive line noise so components perform at their peak. You can see and hear the difference: sharper, crisper video; deeper, fuller audio and longer component life spans. Perfect for Theater installations: high-definition TVs, satellite and A/V receivers, DVD/CD players and more.
AVR Series Image
  • Built in NEMA 5-15R Outputs
  • Topology - Line Interactive
  • Hot-Swappable Batteries
  • Wall Mountable
Tripp Lite's Ultra-Compact Line Interactive UPS offers complete power protection for desktop PCs, network workstations and a wide variety of professional and consumer electronic devices. Uninterruptible Power Supply / UPS circuits switch to battery backup mode within milliseconds to keep connected equipment running without interruption or data loss during power failures. Automatic Voltage Regulation / AVR power conditioning maintains smooth, continuous operation of connected equipment during brownouts and overvoltages. Surge-only outlets offer convenient protection for printers and other desktop accessories not requiring battery support.
Home/Office Series Image
  • Up to 10 Outlets
  • Illuminated On/Off Switch
  • Rugged Metal Case
  • Up to 15 ft Long Power Cord
  • RoHS Compliant
Tripp Lites Home/Office series of power strips offers reliable, convenient and cost-effective power distribution for appliances, power tool, lighting and other electrical equipment. Multi-outlet strip reduces cable clutter and enables the connection of multiple electrical devices to a single AC wall socket. Features rugged metal case to stand up to the most demanding environments, illuminated power switch with transparent cover to prevent accidental shutoff.
Hospital-Grade Series Image
  • Up to 6 Hospital-grade Outlets
  • Suppression Rating up to 3,330 Joules
  • All Metal Housing
  • RoHS Compliant
Tripp Lite's Hospital-Grade series surge protectors and power strips provide up to 6 hospital-grad outlets offering up to 15Amps AC power distribution for 120 VAC applications. Features include either a switchless design or switches with safety covers to prevent accidental shutoff. Typical Application is AC power distribution and surge suppression with hospital-grade receptacles and plug where durability is required.
In-Line Series Image
  • RJ45 Input/Output Connection
  • Ethernet Surge Protection
  • 7.5 Clamping Voltage
  • Direct Plug-In
Tripp-Liteís DNET1 protects against the effects of electrostatic discharge faulty wiring, and lighting. Convenient RJ45 input and output connections with included 5 inch Ethernet patch cable allows convenient placement at the protected device network connection. Surge suppression utilizing high speed avalanche diodes divert excess energies on the networks to the ground.
Premium Series Image
  • Durable Metal Construction
  • Suppression Rating of up to 5,700 Joules
  • Up to 12 AC Outlets
  • Up to 25 ft Long Power Cord
  • Telephone/Modem, Coaxial and Ethernet Options
America's leading companies have made the isobar premium surge suppressor their corporate standard for computer and electronics protection. Providing up to 5700 joules of surge-stopping power, isobar is simply the most reliable surge suppressor you can buy. In addition, all models provide EMI/RFI line noise filtering to eliminate audio static and video snow.
Rack-Mount Series Image
  • Up to 14 Outlets
  • Suppression Rating of up to 3,840 Joules
  • All Metal Housing
  • Lighted Power Switch
  • Up to 20 Amp Capacity Circuit Breaker
Tripp Lite's Rack-Mount series offers surge and noise suppression in a versatile all-metal multi-mount cabinet. Detachable mounting flanges are configurable for rack mount, wall mount and under-counter installation. Uses only 1 rack space when installed in any 19 inch EIA standard rack.
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