Wire Identification

Pocket Pack Series Image
  • Matching terminal Marker
  • Nylon-Impregnated Cloth
  • Non-smear legends
The pocket pack series wire marker helps save time for all on-site and in-plant initial hookup,troubleshooting, maintenance and repair. They come with a matching terminal marker with every wire marker, plus an extra page of blank write-on wire and terminal markers for special legends.
Markers Series Image
  • Convenient pocket-sized booklets
  • Plastic-impregnated cloth construction for long-lasting durability
  • Resists abrasion, moisture, dirt, and oil
  • Non-smear black legend ensures high visibility
  • Self-sticking on wire and cable
Book Series Image
  • White vinyl cloth material, permanent black marker text
  • Rubber based adhesive backing
  • Stitched cover
  • Self-laminating unmarked vinyl material WM-B-30-B and WM-B-60-B
  • Clear over laminate vinyl material WM-B-30-B and WM-B-60-B
  • Rated to -50 to 250 F operating temperature
  • Industry proven, easily readable
  • Long lasting grip on wire
  • Durable binding of book
  • Write on marker tab accepts pen, pencil, ink marker or stamp
  • Permanent protection of user applied markings
  • Usable at temperature extremes
Cassette Series Image
  • Compact size; 3.500" W x 2.700" D x .850" H
  • Contains 500 slide-on style markers, refillable
  • Double-sided entry
  • Supplied with stainless steel installation tool inside the cassette
  • Stainless steel installation tool features wire receiver hole
  • Marker and cassette temperature rating -22 to 140 F
  • Each slot holds one strand of (25) slide on wire markers
  • Easy to carry, readily available
  • Reusable and customizable to user needs
  • Conveniently dispense parts on either side of cassette
  • Guides markers onto un-terminated end of wire
  • Aligns wire for easy marker installation
  • Holds up in extreme temperature conditions
  • Provides quick visual identification and marker organization
Kit Series Image
  • 50 compartments
  • Double latch and carry handle
  • 10,000 total markers per case
  • Contains 2 stainless steel installation tools
  • Carrying case temperature rating -22 to +140 F
  • Marker organization for quick identification and use
  • Secured cover, easy to carry
  • Offers millions of character combinations, supports large scale marking activity
  • Spare tool
  • Holds up in extreme temperature conditions
Slide/Snap-On Series Image
  • Slide-on option
  • Snap-on option
  • Supplied in (10) strands per re-sealable bag, each strand contains (25) of the same character
  • Angular cut ends
  • Temperature range -22 to +140 F
  • Permanently secured marking, applied before end termination
  • Convenient placement of marking before or after termination
  • Offers millions of character combinations per bag
  • Nesting multiple characters on same conductor
  • Installable at extreme temperature conditions
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