Wire Tracers

AT-1000 Series Image
  • Identifies Breakers and Fuses Without Powering Down
  • Identifies Control, Alarm and Telephone System Wiring
  • Receiver Range 1 to 3 Feet from a Cable Being Traced
  • Trace Energized Lines up to 300 V AC or V DC
  • Trace Unenergized and Open Conductors
  • Identifies Wires in a Bundle
  • Traces Coaxial Cable Shield
  • Locates Shorts
For basic applications where accuracy and routine troubleshooting are important, choose the Amprobe first-tier circuit tracer.
AT-2000 Series Image
  • Locates and Traces Wires in Walls, Floors, Conduit, Computer Cables, Etc.
  • Does Not Interfere with Sensitive Electronic Equipment
  • Pinpoints Shorts, Ground Faults and Broken Wires
  • Traces Unenergized and Open (Broken) Wires
  • Locates Breakers, Neutral and Ground Lines
Without interrupting power, you can trace live wires buried or hidden behind walls up to 13' (4 m) deep.
AT-3500 Series Image
  • Three Testing Modes for Best Accuracy: Passive Power (50 Hz / 60 Hz), Passive Radio (RF), Active T-3500 Signal Generator with Induction Mode Directly Connected to the Cable with Test Leads or Optional Clamp
  • Backlit Multiple-Segment Digital Display with Audible Alerts to Show and Tell Location of Buried Cables
  • Avoid Lines at Utility Construction Sites with Highly Sensitive Power and Radio Modes
  • Semi-Automatic Gain Control for Fast Signal Location and Control
  • Proven 33 kHz Frequency for Most Locating Applications
  • Precisely Pinpoint Buried Cables and Wires
  • Take Depth Measurements up to 16’ (4.9m)
Keep productivity high and operational costs low, with the AT-3500. This rugged, economical solution helps you locate underground energized and de-energized wires, cables and pipes. Great for parking lot and airport lighting applications, it precisely pinpoints buried services, with exceptionally fast sound and meter response.
AT-4000 Series Image
  • Operates Safely and Easily Without Interrupting Power or Interfering with Sensitive Electronic Equipment
  • Determines Presence of Energized or Nonenergized Wires Hidden Behind Walls, Flooring or Conduit
  • Clamp-on Attachment Injects Signal for Noncontact Operation (AT-4004-A and AT-4005-A Only)
  • Optional Battery Booster Accessory Strengthens Signal for Open Tracing (AT-4005-A Only)
  • Get Accurate Readings without Rotating the Unit – Receiver Is Not Position Sensitive
  • Pinpoints Wires, Breakers, Neutrals, Shorts, Broken Wires and Ground Lines
Quickly trace energized and non-energized wires effortlessly with the Amprobe AT-4000-A Wire Tracer Series. Out-performing other wire tracers in its class, these advanced tracers combine features and functions to make locating wires more accurate and your job more efficient.
AT-7000 Series Image
  • Three Power Modes – ”High” Power Mode for Normal Circuits – ”Low” Power Mode for Precision Tracing in Difficult Areas – ”Clamp” Power Mode Provides a Boosted Signal Using Signal Clamp
  • Two Automatically Selected Frequency Modes for Optimal Tracing on Energized and De-Energized Circuits
  • Clamp-on Attachment (SC-7000) for Inducing Signal into Wires without Access to Bare Conductors
  • Signal Booster Rechargeable Battery Pack (BR-7000-T) Increases Transmitter Signal Strength
  • Embedded Help Screens Make Set-up Easy and Error Free
  • Traces Wires in Walls, Ceilings, Floors and Corners
  • High Resolution 3.5” TFT LCD Color Display
  • Locates Breakers and Fuses
  • Pinpoints Shorts and Opens
Get accurate results in minutes with new features and technologies that simplify wire tracing and breaker identification. The Receiver’s patented Smart Sensor™, with its innovative new antenna design and advanced signal processor, clearly displays the location and orientation of energized wires in walls, floors and ceilings on the large color TFT LCD screen. The powerful Transmitter utilizes two optimal frequencies for both energized and de-energized wire and breaker tracing, delivering consistently accurate results for novice users and experts alike. The new Scan and Locate feature clearly identifies the one correct breaker or fuse, eliminating the confusion from multiple false positive readings, common in older technology tracing tools.
BT-120 Series Image
  • Microprocessor Controlled Design Provides Extremely Accurate Readings (Always Finds the Right Breaker)
  • Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment Is Easier to Use and Faster than the Manual One
  • BT-120 Works with Standard 120V Breakers
  • Used to Identify Circuit Breakers
  • Durable and Dependable
  • UL Listed
The Amprobe breaker finders work on energized systems and are designed to quickly and easily indentify breakers in residential and commercial environments. Automatic sensitivity adjustment removes ambiguity from the results of the tracing, and the receiver will clearly and quickly identify the breaker with sound and light.
BT-250 Series Image
  • Extremely Accurate Reading Always Finds the Right Breaker
  • Works on All Electrical Systems from 90 to 250 VAC
  • Meets the Latest Code Requirement
  • Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment
When you need to identify circuit breakers quickly and efficiently, count on this durable and dependable tracer.
CT-100 Series Image
  • Locates and Traces Wires in Walls, Floors, Conduit, Computer Cables, Etc.
  • Does Not Interfere with Sensitive Electronic Equipment
  • Performs Tests without Having to Interrupt Power
  • Locates Breakers, Neutral and Ground Lines
  • Pinpoints Shorts and Ground Faults
For tough industrial applications, we recommend these heavy-duty current instruments to trace live wires buried underground or hidden behind walls up to 4' (1.2 m) deep.
ECB50A Series Image
  • Coded Transmission Allows Easy Separation of Transmitter Signal
  • Identify Circuit Breaker to an Electrical Socket
  • Cable Tracing Depth – up to 40 cm
  • Audible and Visual Indicators
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Trace AC Cables in Walls
  • Sort Wires in a Bundle
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • NEMA 5-15 Plug
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