Q. How do I send repairs into Galco?
A. Search for your item in our online catalog or fill out a packing list and ship to:
Galco Industrial Electronics
1001 E Lincoln
Madison Heights, MI 48071
Q. Do you offer Rush Options?
A. Yes, we offer Next Business Day Emergency Service and a 3-5 Business Day Priority Rush Service.
Q. Can I check the status of a repair online?
A. Yes, log in to your online customer portal to view repair and order status. If you need a login, please contact us at (800) 575-5562 or email [email protected].
Q. What if I can’t find a repair listed on your website?
A. We repair items not included in our online repair catalog every day. Take advantage of our FREE no obligation evaluation by sending your item to us today. Contact us by phone (800) 575-5562 or email [email protected] for immediate assistance. A picture is worth a thousand words, so if you have your cell phone available, please snap a few photos to assist our customer service representative with your quote.
Q. How much does a repair evaluation cost?
A. FREE! Initial repair evaluations are conducted at no charge. Within 3 – 5 days you will be quoted a price for repair. If you choose to have the item returned without proceeding with repair we will send your unrepaired item back to you and even pick up the freight charge.
Q. Should I send in prints and manuals with the repair item?
A. Yes, if any type of documentation is available, please send it in with the unit. The documentation will be carefully handled and returned to you with the item. We have a vast library of documentation, but situations do occur when product revision levels affect the documentation.
Q. Do you perform repairs at your facility with Galco employees?
A. Yes, Galco was founded in 1975 as a repair company so we know repair!
Q. I would like to know the repair cost before I send you this unit; can you quote a price?
A. In many cases, yes we can. Please contact us to determine if this item can be priced prior to Galco's FREE no obligation evaluation. A picture is worth a thousand words, so if you have your cell phone available, please snap a few photos to assist our customer service representative with your quote.
Q. I really love Galco but I found a lower price from another company. Can you match competitor's repair quotations?
A. We want to keep your business. If a lower price is encountered please call to discuss options. Other repair companies may not have the same quality test systems, repair capabilities, technical support or comprehensive warranty policy that Galco offers. It is important to consider the entire value of the service you are considering.
Q. Will you be able to tell me what you found wrong with my unit?
A. Yes, a detailed repair report from the technician is provided with every standard repair. The report will include details about the type of failure, components replaced, and tests performed.
Q. What if my item is not exhibiting my reported failure symptoms during your repair?
A. In such cases we assume that the problem is intermittent in nature. Galco will replace common wear components that are most likely to be the cause of failure or intermittent symptoms. We then test the item extensively. We work extra hard to guarantee trouble free operation of your item and will work closely with you because it may indicate that an external problem exists. Rest easy, knowing that your repair will be covered for 18 months by our bumper to bumper warranty.
Q. I am unsure if an item is good or bad, do you offer test only services?
A. Please contact customer service by phone (800) 575-5562 or email [email protected] with any questions or special requests and we will be happy to review all available options with you.
Q. What does Galco’s warranty cover?
A. Our exclusive 18-month warranty means that the entire unit sent to us for service is covered, not just the portions that required repair.
Q. Do you offer Field Service?
A. Yes, we have factory trained technicians ready for dispatch 24 / 7 / 365. Check out our On-Site Repair page for more information.