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Product Description: 3216CC/VH/TTXX/R/XXX/G/ENG/ENG/XXXXX /XXXXX/X Temp Controller, 85-264 VAC, Triac Out/Triac Out/Relay Out
Product Description: 3216CC/VH/RRXX/R/XXX/G/ENG/ENG/XXXXX /XXXXX/X Temp Controller, 85-264 VAC, Relay Out/Relay Out/Relay Out
Product Description: 3216CC/VH/LRXX/R/XXX/G/ENG/ENG/XXXXX /XXXXX/X Temp Controller, 85-264 VAC, Logic I/O, Relay Out/ Relay Out
Product Description: 3208CC/VH/LRRX/X/XXX/G/ENG/ENG/XXXXX /XXXXX Temp Controller, 85-264 VAC, Logic/Relay/Relay
Product Description: 2404P4/VH/LH/PP/PO/XX/XX/XX/XX/ENG, Furnace PID Controller, 85-264 VAC
1 - 8 of 8 Matches