Electrical Testers

VP-440 Series Image
  • Safely check for AC voltages without disconnecting the electrical loads
  • Test cables, circuit breakers, wall sockets, junction boxes, and fuses
  • Completely insulated, with no exposed metal or conductive parts
  • No current flow is needed for correct operation
Designed for safe, non-contact voltage detection, this voltage probe doesn't require much budget or demand much space. It fits conveniently in a shirt pocket, tool belt or pouch.
VPC Series Image
  • Visual, audible and vibration alerts for indicating voltage and continuity (vibration alert VPC-12 only)
  • Bright work light to take measurements in dimly lit locations (VPC-12 only)
  • Full range polarity to detect negative or positive dc voltage
  • Bright LED lights indicate seven levels of ac and dc voltages
  • Automatically selects ac voltage, dc voltage or continuity
VPC-20 Series Image
• Automatically selects AC Voltage, DC Voltage or Continuity
• Extremely easy to use, no buttons, no setups
• High voltage warning on the LCD display
• Automatically turns ON and OFF
• Visual continuity indication
• Oversized, easy to read LCD
• Polarity indication
• Safety:CAT-III 600V
• Continuity buzzer
DV25 Series Image
Model DV25 is a dual range NCV detector that combines two models into one. Low range measures down to 24 Volt and the high range measures up to 1000 Volt. Audible and visual indication, rugged double molded housing, and a bright built-in LED flashlight. Complete with 2 x AAA batteries.
DV26 Series Image
  • Tip Fits Into Outlets or Against Wire Insulation Testing
  • Rugged Double-Molded Housing
  • Built-In Bright Flashlight with On/Off Button
Rugged CAT IV rated non-contact Voltage (NCV) Detector displays a Green LED light when it is powered on and ready for use. When flashing Red LED with audible beeper sounds, this indicates the presence of live wires. The convenient built-in bright flashlight allows for viewing in dimly lit areas.
VP50 Series Image
  • Detect Voltage in Electrical Systems in Large Industrial Facilities, Residential Low Voltage Installations, and Systems Located Behind Obstructions (Using High Sensitivity Mode)
  • Lights on Both Sides: Bright LED Flashlight on the Back and Convenient Light on the Tip for Detection
  • Enhanced Sensitivity to Help Detect Voltage in the Latest Safety Outlets
  • Vibration and Multi-Color Flashing LED Alarms for Voltage Indication
  • Low-Profile Probe Tip Gets the Sensor Closer to Electrical Sources
  • Anti-Roll Case with Double Molded Slip Resistant Grip
  • Robust Pocket Clip and Screw on Battery Door
  • 3m (9.8’) Drop Tested
The FLIR VP50 is a tough, CAT IV-rated Non-Contact Voltage Detector featuring a combination of alerts – including tactile vibration, red LED alarms, and a powerful LED work light— so you’ll never miss the presence of voltage even in dark or noisy areas. Engineered to reliably detect voltages on the latest tamperproof outlets and electrical systems installed using modern construction methods, the VP50 is useful when both working with safety outlets or detecting voltage in high powered equipment and low voltage systems.
Analog Battery Tester Series Image
  • Tests all common batteries to determine if they are charged or need replacement
  • Tests from 1.5 V button cells to 22.5 V photo cells
  • Includes test leads for easy testing
Circuit Alert Module Series Image
  • Tri-Directional Momentary on/Off Switch
  • Non-Contact AC Voltage Detection
  • Audio and Visual Alerts
  • Pocket Clip
The Circuit Alert® voltage sensing module fits in a whole variety of Circuit Alert® tools.
Ground Fault Receptacle Tester Series Image
  • Tests for Seven Conditions: Ground Fault Interruption, Open Ground, Open Neutral, Open Hot, Hot/Ground Reverse, Hot/Neutral Reverse, and Correct Wiring.
  • Easy to Use. Simply Plug Tester into Any Circuit Protected by a Ground Fault Receptacle (110 - 125 V AC) and Press Black Button to Overload Circuit.
  • Succession of Yellow and Red Lights Provides Indication of Circuit Status or Specifies Wiring Errors.
  • Tester Trips GFCI between 6 - 9 ma.
Tests ground fault receptacles by overloading circuit and tripping GFCI.
  • Standard outlets
  • GFCI outlets
  • Extension cords
Low Voltage Twin Probe Circuit Tester Series Image
  • Indicator glows when voltage is present and brightens as voltage increases
  • Tests AC/DC Voltage from 5 - 50 V AC/DC, 50-60 Hz
  • Insulated alligator clip test leads
  • Dual Insulated, durable ABS housing
  • Pocket clip for added convenience