ABB Motor Protection: PST Softstarters Advanced Integrated Protection

ABB Motor Protection

PST Softstarters
Advanced Integrated Protection
The new PST Softstarter range covers motor currents from 30 to 1810 A and offers you many advanced Softstarter functionalities:
  • Advanced integrated protections ‑ For the motor:  integrated electronic overload relay, phase monitoring relays, high current and PTC protection. For the softstarter: advanced thyristor protection.
  • Flexible bus communication system:  Using the ABB FieldBusPlug (FBP), you can decide at any time which bus system to select within the ABB FBP range. The interface between the PST Softstarter and ABB FBP is always the same, independent of size & delivery date.
  • LCD display:  With 11 languages, a menu system similar to your mobile phone, pre‑programmed application settings and automatic status and event logging, it couldn’t be easier to set up and operate!
  • Programmable signal relays:  Gives you several possibilities for signalling warnings, faults & other events.
  • Wide main voltage range 208 ‑ 690 V AC
  • Wide supply voltage range 100 – 250 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Current ratings 30 to 1050 A (In Line) and 52 ... 1810 A (Inside Delta)
  • Same unit can be used for both In Line and Inside Delta connection
  • Premium adjustable Softstarter functions like start/stop ramp, kick start, jog, step down voltage and sequential starts
  • Current limit adjustable between 2–7 x Ie
  • Thermistor (PTC) supervision of motor winding
  • Real time clock
  • Logging of last 20 events with time marking
  • Prepared for fieldbus communication
  • Motor overload protection with simulated motor temperature from measured current (Select between 10A, 10, 20 and 30)
  • Locked rotor protection
  • Motor underload protection
  • Phase imbalance protection
  • Phase reversal protection
PST Softstarters Advanced Integrated Protection
PST Softstarters Advanced Integrated Protection
PST Softstarters Advanced Integrated Protection

The PST range is a microprocessor based softstarter designed with the latest technology for soft start and soft stop of motors. The PST Softstarter has several advanced motor protection features as standard. The four button keypad and the logic structure of the menu make installation, commissioning and operation easy. It's possible to choose between 11 different languages. Use the PST Softstarter with or without a by‑pass contactor except for the larger sizes PSTB370 ... PSTB1050 where the by‑pass contactor is already built‑in.


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Part # [email protected][email protected]MAX CURRENTMAX VOLTAGEPrice
ABB PST series soft starters. (All HP ratings are in-line)
PST72-600-70 25 50 68A 575VAC CALL
PST105-600-70 40 75 104A 575VAC CALL
PST142-600-70 50 100 130A 575VAC CALL
PST175-600-70 60 125 156A 575VAC CALL
PST210-600-70 75 150 192A 575VAC CALL
PST250-600-70 100 200 248A 575VAC CALL
PST300-600-70 100 250 302A 575VAC CALL
ABB PST series soft starters including integral bypass contactor.
PSTB370-600-70 125 300 361A 575VAC CALL
PSTB470-600-70 200 400 480A 575VAC CALL
PSTB570-600-70 250 500 590A 575VAC CALL
Remote keypad, nema 1/4X with 3M cable, for use with all PST series soft starters
PSTEK         643.25
• in-stock parts