AC Uninterruptible Power Supplies

AVR Series Image
  • Built in NEMA 5-15R Outputs
  • Topology - Line Interactive
  • Hot-Swappable Batteries
  • Wall Mountable
Tripp Lite's Ultra-Compact Line Interactive UPS offers complete power protection for desktop PCs, network workstations and a wide variety of professional and consumer electronic devices. Uninterruptible Power Supply / UPS circuits switch to battery backup mode within milliseconds to keep connected equipment running without interruption or data loss during power failures. Automatic Voltage Regulation / AVR power conditioning maintains smooth, continuous operation of connected equipment during brownouts and overvoltages. Surge-only outlets offer convenient protection for printers and other desktop accessories not requiring battery support.
SU Series Image
  • Detachable PDU with Manual Bypass Switch
  • Supports Emergency Power Off
  • Double Conversion Operation
  • Hot-Swappable Batteries
  • Power Alert Software
Tripp Lite SU Line 10,000VA / 10kVA / 9000 watt online, double-conversion UPS system offers complete power protection for critical network applications. This system delivers online, double-conversion UPS protection with zero transfer time, suitable for advanced networking applications. Fault-tolerant auto-bypass prevents unexpected service interruptions during UPS overload or internal fault conditions. Included detachable PDU with manual bypass switch enables hot-swappable replacement of entire UPS power module with no interruption to connected equipment. Enhanced availability, fault tolerance and simple hot-swap replacement options make this UPS ideal for advanced networking applications in data centers, computer rooms, network closets and rugged industrial locations.
UniStar SB Series Image
The UniStar Smart Business (SB) Series Touch Screen LCD Line Interactive UPS provides comprehensive power protection in a small and economic package. The UPS prevents data loss and protects electronic equipment, such as PCs, workstations, networking devices/VoIP, POS systems, and entertainment systems, from harmful power problems. In addition to protecting against surges and spikes, it also provides pure voltage with built-in AVR stabilizer. The UPS will continue providing clean and stable power to connected equipment while its embedded microprocessor controller guarantees high reliability, perfect for any small office application.
5P Series Image
  • Maintenance Free, Hot - Swappable Internal Batteries
  • Eaton Intelligent Power Software
  • Full System Self Test at Power Up
  • Over Current Protection Limit
  • Frequency Tolerance ±0.1Hz
  • Topology - Line Interactive
  • 3 Status - Indicating LEDS
  • LCD Graphical Display
  • 5-15R Outputs
5S Series Image
  • Tool-less Replaceable Internal Batteries (Not Hot-Swappable)
  • Eaton UPS Companion Software
  • Over Current Protection Limit
  • Frequency Tolerance ±0.1Hz
  • Topology - Line Interactive
  • LCD Graphical Display
  • RoHS Compliance
  • 5-15R Output
EX Series Image
  • Network Management Software
  • Environmental Sensor
  • LCD Graphical Display
Eaton® EX UPS—online, double conversion UPS with automatic bypass for fault-tolerance. Continuous power with hot swappable batteries—the optional HotSwap Maintenance Bypass (MBP) module allows the UPS to be replaced without interrupting the power supply. Load segments—load shedding capability and backup time maximization, as well as remote reboot and sequential startup. Long backup times—add up to four EXB battery modules to the EX (1000 VA models and above)
S3K Series Image
  • Mini-Tower Design for Control Cabinet Installation
  • Fully Digitized, Microprocessor Controlled
  • Telephone/Modem Spike Protection
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Built-in Surge Protection
  • Sine Wave Output
The S3K is an economical choice for those applications requiring the performance of a sine wave output; line interactive UPS with the mini-tower shape for cabinet installations. The S3K Series protects against most severe power disturbances through state-of-the-art, line-interactive technology. Most power disturbance corrections are accomplished without transferring to the internal battery.
PFC Sinewave Series Image
Typical Applications
  • Desktop Computers
  • Home Networking/VoIP
  • Personal Electronics
  • Home Theater Devices
  • Features
    • 850VA / 510W
    • Line Interactive Topology
    • Automatic Voltage Regulation
    • GreenPower UPS
    • ENERGY STAR Qualified
    • Multifunction LCD Panel
    • Mini-Tower Form Factor
    • RJ11/RJ45 and Coax RG6 Protection
    • 10 Outlets with USB and Serial Ports
    • EMI/RFI Filters
    • PowerPanel Personal Edition
    • 3-Year Warranty
    The CyberPower CP850PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS System with sine wave output and multifunction LCD safeguards mid- to high-end computer systems, servers and networking hardware that use conventional and Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) power supplies.
    Its Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology delivers clean and consistent AC power, protecting connected equipment and preventing costly business interruptions. This UPS system is ENERGY STAR qualified with patented GreenPower UPS Bypass circuitry to save on energy costs by reducing energy consumption and heat buildup.
    This UPS system is ENERGY STAR qualified with patented GreenPower UPS Bypass circuitry to save on energy costs by reducing energy consumption and heat buildup.
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