Carriers & Line Packages

Missile Line Carriers Series Image
  • Fast Blowing and Vacuuming of 2" to 6" Diameter Conduit by Low-Friction Plastic Carriers
  • Easily Removed from Conduit If Stuck or Jammed
  • For 2" to 6" Conduit
Foam Line Carriers Series Image
  • Cleans Water and Debris from Most Conduit Rigid, EMT, IMC, PVC or Flexible
  • Durable for Indefinite Re-Use
  • For 1/2" to 6" Conduit
Power Saver Line Packages Series Image
  • Line Is Dispensed Smoothly and Quickly as Line Carrier Moves through Conduit
  • Carrier and Pull Line Included in a Single, Handy Package
  • No Knots to Tie, No Foam Carriers to Retrieve
  • Color Coded Packages Indicate Line Diameter
  • For 1/2" to 1" Conduit
Tag-Along Line Packages Series Image
  • Line Is Dispensed as Package Moves Through Conduit Attached to Line Carrier
  • Works with Foam or Inflatable Line Carriers
  • Handles Longer Runs with Less Energy
  • For 1-1/4" to 6" Conduit
The Inflatables Line Carriers Series Image
  • Each Inflatable Line Carrier Adjusts to Fit the Conduit; Four Items Cover a Range of Eleven Diameters of Rigid, IMC, EMT, PVC or Flexible Conduit, or Single-Bore Duct
  • Heavy-Gauge Waterproof Woven Nylon Assures Long Life
  • For 3/4" to 6" Conduit
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