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Grit Hole Saw Series Image
  • Super Resistance to Heat, Wear and Abrasion
  • Shock Resistant Back
Carbide grit hole saws create clean holes in materials too hard or abrasive for standard bi-metal saws, or so thin they would strip bi-metal or chip carbide teeth.
Hole Saw Series Image
  • Positive Rake Teeth Provide Better Chip Clearance
  • Variable Pitch Teeth Reduces Friction and Heat
Hole saws are cylindrical cups with a serrated edge to cut various sizes of holes in a variety of materials.
Kit Series Image
  • Arbors Included in Kit
These handy hole saw kits conveniently organize and store the sizes pros need within easy reach.
725 Series Image
  • Long-Lasting Tungsten Carbide-Grit Delivers Extremely Clean, Smooth Cuts through Tile, Cement Board, and Other Abrasive Materials
  • Perfect for Cutting Holes in Quazite Enclosure or Hardy Board Siding for 3-0 Box Installation
  • Rugged Construction for Enduring Performance
825 Series Image
  • Extra-Tough Bimetal Blade We Use the Highest Grade of Tool Steel to Outlast Competitor's Blades. That Beats Premature Saw Replacement and Saves You Money
  • Steam Oxide Finish No Paint to Gum Up and Slow Cutting Allowing the Saw to Run Cooler for Longer Life and Better Performance
  • Deep 1-5/8" (41.3 Mm) Cutting Depth Allows for Cutting through 2" X 4" Wood Studs
  • Extra-Thick Backplate Minimizes Vibration for Smoother, Easier, Less Tiring Cutting
  • Cut Through Steel, Tin, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Wood and Plastic
  • Made In USA
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