Selector Switches Illuminated


HW Series Image
  • Choice of Black Plastic or Metallic Front Bezels
  • Locking Lever Removable Contact Blocks
  • Tamperproof Construction
  • Worldwide Approvals
  • Easy to Assemble
L6 Series Image
  • 5/8" (16mm) Mounting Holes
  • Locking Lever Removable Contact Blocks
  • Solder Terminal or PCB terminal Options
  • Incandescent or LED Illumination
  • Snap Action Contacts
TW Series Image
  • 22mm Mounting Size
  • Incandescent or LED Types
  • Standard Screw Terminals
  • NEMA 1,2,3,3R,3S,4,4X,5,12,13
  • UL; CSA; CE Approvals
IDEC's TW Series NEMA Style Switches are durable, easy to use, and versatile. These devices feature a modular construction for maximum flexibility, and snap on, self-cleaning contact mechanisms, which allow for a wide current rating.
  • Corrosion Resistant Chrome Bezel
  • Fracture-Resistant Nylon Body
LW Series Image
  • PC Board Mount, Solder or Screw Terminal
  • Collective Mounting Saves Space
  • Non-Reflective Lens
  • Highly Visible Marking Plate
  • Tamper Proof Construction
LW Series switches and pilot lights can be mounted collectively on 1.0" centers. Combined with pcb terminals and locking lever removable contacts, this eases manufacture of pre-fab pushbutton arrays. PC Board tracing/soldering of contacts can be done in tandem with panel cutting/operator installation.
All LW series units mount by means of a locking ring that comes on from the rear of the panel, as such they can not be removed from outside the panel and are relatively tamperproof.
Combining the snap action and tactile feel of miniature commercial pushbuttons with the size and ruggedness of industrial pushbuttons, LW pushbuttons are a unique solution to many applications.
Choose from standard silver contacts or low-level gold plated contacts. Terminals available in .110" solder tab, M3 screw, or pcb pins.
  • Light Touch Reduces Strain
  • Gold or Silver Contacts
  • Removable Contacts Simplify Wiring and Facilitate PCB Applications
LW-Ring-Illuminated Series Image
  • Metal or Black Plastic Bezel Available
  • Two-Way Split Illumination
  • Available Colors include Red/Red, Green/Green, White/White, Blue/Blue, Red/Green, and Green/Red
  • Available in Quick Connect/Solder, PC Board, or Screw Termination
  • ULR, CSA, TUV, and CE Approved
LW-Silhouette Series Image
  • PC Board Mount, Solder or Screw Terminals Available
  • Round Metallic or Plastic Bezels are Available
  • Collective Mounting Saves Space
  • Pushbuttons, Pilot Lights, Illuminated Pushbuttons, Selector Switches, Key Selector Switches, and Illuminated Selector Switches
  • Square Pushbuttons also Available with Switchguards
  • Key Selector Switches with High-Security Lock Mechanism
  • Separate Contacts with a Locking Lever Enable Easy Installation even when Mounted Collectively
  • Gold (Gold-Clad Silver) or Silver Contacts.
  • IP65 Protection
  • UL, CSA, CE, and TUV Approved
TWTD Series Image
  • 30mm Mounting Size
  • Incandescent or LED Types
  • Standard Screw Terminals
  • NEMA 1,2,3,3R,3S,4,4X,5,12,13
  • UL; CSA; CE Approvals
IDEC's TWTD Series full size NEMA Style Switches offer variety and durability in an attractive design. These rugged devices feature chrome plated locking rings, die cast mounting threads, and self-cleaning contacts with transparent windows.
  • Slow Make, Double Break Contacts
  • Modular Construction for Maximum Flexibility
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